Booth highlights: Modified engines

Spasm fork sports a twitchy twist: IRC chat

IRC in Quake....!Modding the source code of Quakespasm 0.91.0, shamblernaut added the ability to connect and chat via IRC servers right from the Quake console. Even connect to your twitch account! Quoting from the Quakespasm with IRC (twitch) chat support booth:  Once connected with the commands below, IRC communications will appear both in the console and will be echoed on the top of the play screen. You can communicate to the IRC channel in game with the key you bound to messagemode3.



Gorgeous Quake2 engine Exhibit A:  Quake2xp

Check out the screenshots:  Is Quake2xp a Q2 remake in an updated Doom3 engine with better lighting?  No, just straight-up Quake2 in a highly modernized engine that runs on Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD (experimental).  Featuring real time per-pixel lighting and shadowing, high-quality parallax mapping (textures with realistic depth), advanced decals and particles, plus graphics moddable features like editable GLSL shaders.



Gorgeous Quake2 engine Exhibit B: [email protected]

Combining a vast array of graphic improvements, network updates like huge maps and R1CH anticheat,  plus an amazing game mod, [email protected]  is an all-in-one Q2 visceral experience.  See hot lead stuck to walls, footprints when you step through water or gore, and ‘personal gibs’:  Exploded bits look like the monster they came from.  Check out the booth for epic fun and plenty of playthrough vids.  This engine runs on Windows and Linux with a variety of render paths, including classic mode.



Big maps in 8-bit glory:  Super8 Quake

Hrimfaxi map in Super8 engine

My own booth entry Super8 engine attempts to marry classic 8-bit rendered WinQuake looks with modern features.  Started as a “what-if?” experiment back around 2010 with code from multiple sources, it can now play most current maps available on quaddicted or func_msg (see community links at bottom of this site).   Meanwhile it still plays most older maps and mods.  Super8 is developed in Windows 7 and is occasionally tested in Linux under Wine.


  1. [email protected] work under linux too

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