Booth Updates for Days 4 & 5

Here we are, with a conjoined update for Days 4 & 5, so be prepared, this is a biggie! 6 total updates are to be enjoyed here, so grab a cold drink and a snack and just revel in the Quake-ness.


With the first update, we have TheHappyFriar who is teasing us about his visit to the Atlanta Aquarium. It’s a tease because there is no new asset yet, however there is a picture of a seal there for us to ponder on. Does this mean he is creating a new seal enemy!? Stay tuned to find out!




A little while ago, xenozoid released Q2048 which is a remake of the 2048 game but with Quake characters. He decided to release a Booth update that goes into the development of the mod and what went into the creation of it. An interesting read, so check it out!





I believe this is our first Quake 2 specific Booth update for this year as KirkBarnes has released a new version of his Quake 2 conversion engine, Quake2XP, specifically for Quake Expo 2016! Quake2XP promises to update the graphics in Quake 2 without changing the original look and feel of the game. I have to say that I think he has succeeded thus far. This also marks 12 years for the engine, so be sure to give it a look.




We move on to peeweeRotA who has released yet another version of his mod, Game of Tomes for Hexen II! This update fixes a few issues that were in the other recent release, which includes adding a whip attack to the assassin. Wa-tsssssshhhhhhh!




Next we have an update from qbism, the creator of the Super8 Quake engine, showing off a video of a custom palette used with the map Vondur’s Castle of  Koohoo! The video shows off the fun, 8 bit visuals from Super8 Quake and he promises to release a few of these custom palettes soon.






Lastly, we have another update from Irritant that shows off the Human Resistance from Alien Arena: Warriors of Mars. It features a bunch of comparison screenshots between the humans from Generations 1 and 2 leading up to the current version, Generation 3. In his next update, he promises to show off the robotic player characters.


Stay tuned for even more updates from Quake Expo 2016!