Booth Updates for Days 7, 8 & 9

As we round ourselves through the mid point of Quake Expo 2016, the Booth updates just keep rolling in. In case you may have missed any of them from the passed few days, I’m here to recap them for you, so let’s jump in and see what else has happened!


Our first of a few update comes from Ionous who has let us know that Map Jam 7 has commenced! For anyone who isn’t familiar, a map jam is when you have to create a Quake map within a certain amount of time under a certain theme. This map jams theme just so happens to be “Back to Base,” and it will be built with the Quake mod Quoth in mind. You can see the first released screenshots from Map Jam 7 here, which features a scene from a map created by Pritchard. If you’d like to participate in this map jam, please check out the original update for more information.





There has been a couple releases since my last update but peeweeRotA has released yet another version of his mod Game of Tomes. This version features a whole crop updates, including removing the level cap! You can read about them all here.





TheHappyFriar has gotten back with us on another asset to help spruce up your Quake game and this time, things are a little fishy. That’s right! He’s released a replacement for the fish model in Quake with Nemo from Finding Nemo! You can find Nemo for your Quake game here. Of course, if you like Nemo better with black fins, you can get that version here.





I apologize as I must’ve missed this before, but Asaki has created several updates over the past week for his mod Legacy Online, which looks like a very fun/silly, Atari inspired MMO. You’re definitely going to want to read more about it.








ColonelBondo continues his updates to SuperDuper Quake by creating SuperDuper Campaign Quake! Do you want murder babes in your Quake campaign? What about mini clone helper bots? Well you can have both of these things if you download the new update.




And finally, we have one more update from Irritant, showing off the robots from his Alien Arena mod. You’re going to want to see those new screenshots here, that is if you’d like to properly serve your new robot masters. You do, don’t you?


Whew, that’s a lot of updates! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates later!


  1. Actually, my mod is called Legacy Online (tentatively), and that’s a very old screenshot of it =)
    But thanks for the plug.

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