Booth Updates for Opening Day

Quake Expo 2016 is finally upon us and with it comes a great assortment of Booths featuring projects from Quake developers from all over. There are a lot of great things to check out, so make sure you do so by clicking the Booth Index tab above. Of course, in proper Quake Expo fashion, the Booths are constantly being tweaked and updated and today I’m going to recap what was updated on the expos Opening Day.


First we have ColonelBondo who is letting everyone know that SuperDuper Quake 3.3 is now available and he provides you with the links you need to play it yourself. If you haven’t played SuperDuper Quake, think of it as Quake with the zaniness turned up to 100. There is a new bug mode that I’m sure everyone will want to check out!


Next we have mushi who wants to guide you through the proper way to install and run After Quake. After Quake is a project that attempts to make the very powerful FTE client for Quake a bit more user friendly. It looks like you can definitely get some beautiful results with After Quake if you’re looking to update your Quake game to HD.


Finally we have TheHappyFriar who is promising to release a new Quake asset everyday for the duration of Quake Expo 2016. This first asset to be revealed looks to be a replacement for the shotgun in Quake, dubbed the Tarus Judge Shotgun. If you want to give the ol’ boomstick a brand new look, this may be for you!


For updates on all the projects, make sure to click the Booth Updates tab above. There are already some updates available for today as well, so don’t miss those!