Nemo Update….

I was at Walmart with the wife and noticed that Nemo has black on his fins.  Oopes.  So I fixed up the texture to have the proper color on the fins.  You can download the new zip right here: thf02, fish texture patched.



Rift is a project that has mutated in one form or another from the old RMQ content of yesteryear, first into Schism as a team effort and now as a solo thing, Rift.  My original posts about the Rift project can be found here, in epitaph form. The project has undergone another mutation, taking on the codebase of Arcane Dimensions. I could have continued with the code base I last…

New Asset… Presenting….

Hey, here’s the new asset, a fish replacement… Nemo from Finding Nemo!  He’s a bit bigger then in the movie but, hey, it’s Quake.  🙂  Several days later then promised.  Now that I’m home I can chug out more assety goodness. Here’s a screenshot in Blender: Two shots in game (E2M3): The download: thf02  Extract to your Quake folder and it will make a new qexpo16 folder.  If you download…

Game of Tomes version 0.04a


Although I’ve not been able to stream the development over the past few days, A LOT has changed. With the major game play features in place, I’ve been doing play throughs with each character to see where things are missing. One such example is the necromancer’s spell list. Adding in only 1 new spell didn’t make him feel like much of a wizard to me, so enter Shocking grasp! (pictured…

Map Jam 7 and Doom Metal.

Starting in about ninety minutes [editor:  it’s streaming “now”!] , I’m going to be laying down some brushes for my map jam 7 map. Check it out if you’re interested over at:

Map Jam 7 Announced

A day late, but here nonetheless. Map Jam 7 is happening. The announcement video: Discussion thread on func_msgboard: Check it out.

Generation 3 of Alien Arena – Human resistance.

Generation 3 Commander, Enforcer (CRX in-game renderer) (Diffuse+normal+glow+specular+subsurface light scatter+self shadowmap)   For this update, I’m going to show a couple of the new human characters, and show their evolution.  I did all of these renders in Deep Exploration without normalmapping, simply to put the focus on the skin texture, and because the older versions didn’t have normalmaps for comparison’s sake.  The humans in Alien Arena have always been a…