Game of Tomes v. 0.03a Available

The next version of Game of Tomes, a mod for Hexen II, is available for testing. Hop on over the the GoT booth to download the latest. Changelog: Fixed issue with famine not spawning (and not switching levels) Updated wandering mosnter respawn timer for longer respawn times. Fixed some minor gameplay issues with the crusader’s hammer Added whip attack for asassin

quake2xp 1.26.6 quakeExpo 2016 Edition

This year marks 12 years of our project. It was an interesting time. Exclusively for qExpo i prepared a new update for q2xp New features: Raw mouse input and return joystic support (windows only) Added models scale for hud (r_hudModelScale cvar) Added 3×3 median filter for cinematics Added precompiled static lights interactions Added custom roughness maps Min-Max FPS counter Massive normal-specular maps update for hi-poly items High quality normal maps…

Q2048: creation

Playing Quake (and derivations) for 20 years, creating maps for Q1 and Q2, I’ve never released anything to public. Times change.   The main interest was to reproduce more or less complex logic in QC. Original vanilla QC with all its limitations and caveats. That was fun. Debugging with dprint, testing with Darkplaces and then with QuakeSpasm. Boom, 2 or 3 built-in functions behave slightly different. Finally, all workarounds were found…

Generation 3 of Alien Arena – The Martians have landed.

Martian player characters(CRX in-game renderer) (Diffuse+normal+glow+specular+subsurface light scatter+self shadowmap)     As was the case with Generation 2 of Alien Arena(Alien Arena 2008), it all began with looking at some items that seemed of lesser quality.  In both cases, it started with weapon models.  This time, in 2010, several weapons were remade, but the rest of the art seemed ok at the time, however criticisms of the poly counts, and…

Game of Tomes v. 0.02a Available

The next version of Game of Tomes, a mod for Hexen II, is available for testing. Hope on over the the GoT booth to download the latest. Changelog: Summoning attack for Necromancer (Weapon 3 right click) Monster respawning (for wandering monsters) Slight weapon balancing and improvements on effects Fixed precaching crash (still needs more testing on later maps)

More RoQ screenshots

Just a quick update on work in the main map for RoQ. This is a quest/mission area that recreates the basic layout of Team Fortress 2 Coaltown (yup, there will be a MvM mode in RoQ). Next, a look in the quest portal, where players can vote to start a mission. Missions are randomly selected, so you never know to where this portal leads. And this is the spawn room,…

JUST over the wire! (Profile Quake)

Just kidding. Im way late. My apologies.   It’s with great pride, and a heavy dose of shame that I release to you Profile Quake! It was mere moments ago that I managed to get this operating in a reasonably releasable state so without further ado!

QExpo 2016 Plans (Ionic Transmissions)

Previously posted shot is from a collaboration map I’m working on with Pulsar. It will be released as part of the next Arcane Dimensions update, soonish. Other than that, I’ve got something else to reveal, but that will have to wait until Thursday.

First Asset!

The next asset might not show up until Monday from me because I’m driving all day, but here it is! Tarus Judge Shotgun replacement. Unzip this zip file: thf01 in to your Quake folder and it will make a new folder named “qexpo16” with the asset in the “progs” folder.  The Blender .blend file & texture are included.  I tested with Darkplaces engine.  Enjoy! Save