The speed of light sucks…


Even if not started yet, I prefer to talk about this project now, while the exposition is running because it may catch some eyes. I’m about to make a defrag mod for Q1. Long maps, alternance between tricks and bhop parts. It’s not meant to be hard, but to enjoy the “flow of speed” and physics. The real challenge comes with shortcuts, and aim the perfect run (as usual). Raisonnable…

Duel of Death

Cover for Duel of Death

“Duel of Death: A Quake Story” is released! The world’s first Quake novella! Click here to download Duel of Death! Get into the heads of Quakeworld duelers as they use their elite skills to… save the day of course!   Enter the world of Chase Talent, a retired Quakeworld player whose life goes from boring to bizarre when the F.B.I. recruits him for, above all things, his skills in Quake. A sinister…

Q2048 – famous game remake on Quake engine


This is a remake of famous 2048 game. Please check it before playing this mod if you are unfamiliar with the game concept.   Tested on DarkPlaces and QuakeSpasm.   Use arrow keys for movement, R to restart a game, Q to center a player.   How to start: unpack “q2048” folder to Quake’s one, execute your quake.exe with parameter -game q2048, i.e.:   quakespasm -game q2048   That would…

Neurotic Conversions


  Monday July 18th 2016 – 3.45pm CT   Less than an hour after the announcement that Ultimate Quad Capture would get yet another update, and I’m already getting footage of old-school players celebrating. Thanks for the support, fans.   Monday July 18th 2016 – 3pm CT   With just a delay of couple days, the Neurotic Conversion Booth for QExpo 2016 is finally rolling! 🙂   As for previous QExpo’s,…

Blood Omnicide

Blood Omnicide

Blood Omnicide Preview is over 29/07/2016, now it’s time to test wrath of the Pillars.   Blood Omnicide is a project to port Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain in 3D using Darkplaces engine. The main goal is to save original game’s feel and provide nearly same gameplay and balance. By the way there are many improvements & innovations, just because of the nature of porting. Most critical ones are optional in order not to violate game experience….

Welcome to frag.machine’s QEXPO2016 corner


Hello and welcome to my QEXPO2016 booth, where we are celebrating the 20th (yay!) Quake birthday. Here I will show to you some WIP from my vaporware coop mod Realms of Quake, or simply, RoQ. Currently, it’s a mashup of RPG, FPS and bits of other cool stuff I find in other games. It’s a Darkplaces only mod (FTEQW may be supported later but right now is untested and TBH…

Alien Arena: Warriors Of Mars


  Originally Released in August 2004, Alien Arena has undergone a number of transformations over the years, always seeking to improve the formula for fast paced arena-style deathmatch.  Originally an offshoot of CodeRED: Battle For Earth, a single player game that used the idtech2 engine as a base, the game eventually sought to bring a free deathmatch experience with a goofy retro sci-fi atmosphere, inspired by classic cheese such as…

Katana Game Engine


Katana is a game engine that’s been in development for a while now, as the pillar behind a game I’ve been working on with a number of others called, Decay. For me, primary goals with developing the engine have mostly been a learning experience in which the focus has been to try to do most of the work myself, avoiding copying down how other engines have implemented similar functionality, which has worked for…

Introducing: AfterQuake


What is AfterQuake? AfterQuake is a complete solution for all Quake lovers out there. Single player, multiplayer, it supports everything Quake, with zero documentation. The documentation is built in on the game. It is based on FTE engine, which is being updated for as long as I can remember. It is supposed to be a joy to explore. edit: the package was updated   What is FTE? FTE is, among other…

The Horror


The Horror returns to your screens after bloody ages. If you’ve never played it, it’s a zombie survival game. Quake style. Can you survive with only a nailgun? Yes, a nailgun, like, for construction projects. Or a chainsaw. Or a sword. Kill enough zombies to get perks that will let you… kill more zombies. Get hiscores. That’s pretty much it.