An Asset a Day!

Quake 2 Model Editor

One New Asset Every Day* So how will this be done?  AKA, Basic Quake Modding Tutorial! Step 1: Find the asset you want to replace.  In my case, I’m looking at mostly models.   To access the Quake .pak files use Pak Explore.  Load up Pak Explore, find your Quake/id1 directory & load up PAK0.pak, extract the PROGS folder.  Do  the same with PAK1.PAK.  Now you have all the Quake models…

SuperDuper 3.3

Bug Mode

I guess I should explain this mod. SuperDuper Quake isn’t about traversing epic architecture and barely surviving onslaughts of demon/tech hordes. SDQ is about experiencing madness. It’s about creating a unique experience every time with dozens of weapons and dozens of monsters and several powerups and lots and lots and lots of gibs. Monsters will spawn until you kill enough to spawn the Boss monster. When you kill it, the level is over. Or…

gnounc’s booth – Profile Quake

Insert xkcd joke here

  Profile Quake is a quick n dirty leaderboard mod, one that aspires to be a methodical and clean leaderboard mod. Gamecode is here and you can Register here In the coming days the leaderboards will be available on, in the meantime if you register and setup Profile Quake, you can begin tracking your stats immediately! Acheivements are also in, for those of you (everybody) who wants a feature…

Quake2 weapon hi-poly remodel


The main objectives of this project: recreate old models increase polycount (from 100-200 to 1000-2000 polygons) save the details, textures, animations transfer details from texture to geometry, like buttons, grips, fracture add PBR textures and materials convert to IQM game format add this pack to [email protected] and q2xp, or other source port with IQM support Working tread: Sketchfab: Moddb: FB: Youtube: Сохранить Сохранить Сохранить Сохранить…



Retroquad is a work-in-progress 8-bit color software-rendered engine. Its goals are to: Create new technologies to push the quality of realtime 8-bit color software rendering above the known possibilities of its current state of art; Implement support for features that allows for more organic environments with less restrictive asset & level designs; Implement support for easier asset creation, using common formats such as 32-bit TGA textures and loading palettes from…

[email protected]


Happy BirthDay, Quake! [email protected] is a heavily modified Quake2 port. Mainly modified was renderer, also changed game code, client and server. Squished a lot of bugs. Engine uses own net-protocol, but old Quake2 protocol is fully supports (some new features will not work with Q2 protocol). The most basic features: multy renderer: 7 per-pixel lighting (PPL) and 1 simple render path; shadow volumes; bump mapping, parallax mapping, specular mapping, detailed…

Schlossherr – Quake 1 Singleplayer mod Demo


Hello! And welcome to my Singleplayer mod for Quake called Schlossherr. As a demo for this year’s QuakeExpo, it is composed of 2 maps, including a start map (I’m sorry I couldn’t finish the actual second map on time, but at least there’s 1 entire playable map). It includes textures coming from Deathmatch Classic (as it recreated mose of Quake’s assets for Valve’s GoldSource engine) as well as music tracks from Painkiller…

Suicide Highway by komagame


Hi everybody, I’m working on some Quake maps and one of them is called Suicide Highway                     ..somewhat similar to Quake2 style but not intended 🙂     Also I have an horror-mod for Halflife (don’t know if it fits here) Stay tuned for updates

idTech3 mods by Berserker


There are 3 mods based on idTech3 engines: [email protected] – based on Quake3 1.32b, [email protected]_mme – based on Quake3mme (Movie Maker Edition), [email protected] – based on RTCW-SP. Main feature of these mods is Per-Pixel-Lighting (PPL) renderer, which based on Deferred Lighting aka Light Pre-Pass Deferred Rendering. There are 3 render paths: Classic renderer, Fake PPL renderer, True PPL renderer. All render paths uses GLSL vertex and fragment programs, vertex processing…