QuakeIIxp is a multi-platform (windows, linux and freeBSD (experemental)) graphics port of the game Quake II developed by Id Software. Completely updated rendering takes full advantage of the latest graphics cards to get the perfect picture, preserving the original style of the game.   Featuries:   Real time per-pixel lighting and shadowing (like DooM3) with hi quality parallax mapping (relief mapping technology) Oren-Nayar diffuse – GGX specular BRDF, Phong, Lambert and…

EntityPlus – A single player mod for Quake III Arena

EntityPlus Logo

EntityPlus is a mod that offers a true single player experience in the Quake III Arena videogame. The term “single player” here is used to describe an experience more akin to the single player games of Quake or Quake 2 than Quake 3’s own single player bot matches. To facilitate this, EntityPlus implements a lot of features that are strictly aimed at single player gameplay. The mod comes with an…

Quake Dodgeball

Quake Dodgeball logo

Quake Dodgeball v1.2 has a ton of new changes! Released back on 3/29/2016: – A short version of “Unreleased Aggression” by Trickle will now play at launch! – A new conback created by Moon[Drunk] – New original short victory songs for both teams by Trickle – New sounds added, including original fight and headshot voices! – The Homing Ball now has a new look! – The Fire Ball now has…

Game of Tomes – A Hexen 2 Modification


LATEST VERSION 1.0 UPDATED 07/30/2016 Game of Tomes is a fast paced modification made to improve the RPG elements of the game. This booth is dedicated to live streaming development on twitch during the Quake Expo, tune in and keep an eye on the download links for progress. Twitch Link https://www.twitch.tv/peewee_rota Github Repo https://github.com/cabbruzzese/gameoftomes   Description This mod started with a question? “What if I WANT to fight the monsters?” Let’s…

Sin’s Gorge for QUAKE1


Marine base set up covered in a cave like surounding. A convertion of the Sin level The Gorge. As far as it was possible of course, as the improvements of the Q2 engine like turning lights and raising lava isn’t possible in Quake. Also it wasn’t possible to rescale the level, as a quarter size would have been sufficient. After several proofs with leaks I decided to take the scale…



  TurboQ is a quick and dirty mod to spice up and juice classic Quake with gameplay alterations and added details. Get it here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16328104/turboq.zip   Features: Most weapons have received minor changes in their behaviour, don’t expect everything to work just like in standard Quake. You can now slow down time by using +useslow, as long as you have something in your slowmo bar in the bottom center of…

Volatile Engine and J.A.C.K.

Sponza Atrium

J.A.C.K. J.A.C.K. (formerly known as Jackhammer) is a brand new level editor for games with a quake-style BSP architecture. The title stands for “Just another creation kit”, but actually it’s not just another level editor! The aim is to develop a convenient cross-platform tool capable of incorporating the best features of existing editors, such as Valve Hammer Editor, Q3Radiant and others. Despite Quake and Half-Life having been released a long…

qbism Super8 Quake engine


Super8 is a Quake software-rendering client that can play almost all maps and mods that you might find on quaddicted.com. (I only know of two gargantuan maps that it will drop polygons on.)   The goal of Super8 is to play both old and new maps.  The engine expands the capabilities of authentic crunchy 8-bit rendering to play contemporary creations: epic environments, hundreds of monsters, fog, and colored-lighting. The source code…

Spearmint Quake 3


From the creator of Turtle Arena comes a Quake 3 source port that provides a glimpse of what is possible when you throw Quake 3 mod, demo, and network compatibility out the window while still maintaining the core Quake III Arena and Team Arena experience.

Quakespasm with IRC (twitch) chat support.

IRC in Quake....!

Quakespasm-IRC is a modification of the popular Quake 1 engine Quakespasm to support IRC chat.   Download here: Dropbox Link, Mirror.   Extra info: The mod uses the Quakespasm 0.91.0 codebase, with the libircclient library. No extra downloads should be required other than what is in the archive file provided. Windows and Linux (sorry mac uses) binaries are provided in the archive file too.   Important note: DO NOT SET YOUR PASSWORD…