Game of Tomes version 0.05a


There’s been another big overhaul, and this time it was focused on getting the crusader up to snuff. Although I’m resolved to make sure that the true magic user (the necromancer) has the most abilities, the crusader just kind of needed some more oomph. So there’s been several big changes to his class. First, the ice mace got a melee range drain attack. It only works at close range and drains monster health, like the serpent staff in Hexen. It drains your blue mana super quick, but it can be used on up to 3 monsters at once to maximize healing. The hope is to give the crusader the feel of the cleric from the previous game. A healer with some melee flavor.

Next, the ice mace was boring with a capital B. It was very close to a reskinned nailgun. Low damage rate, low ammo. That’s not to discount the ammount of neat tricks that went into it. The firing animation for the mace is really advanced. It addes extra firing frames at random to make it feel like it’s ridgid and frozen. The devs deserve some applause for that and many other beautiful features in the game. However, to give this icee some blueberry flavor I’ve spruced up the firing pattern a bit. Now the weapon will follow a sinewave, blasting a frozen wave at enemies. Yes, it makes long range hits harder, but that was the same plight for the serpent staff in Hexen. So hopefully some nostalgia will keep things chill.

Lastly, the hammer had some little glitches that needed adjusted. It seems like the holy strength was intended to be a melee only skill. Chaining together holy strength makes the crusader feel like you just typed in “butcher” the way that the meteor and ice staff cut through monsters when it is active. After some testing I really enjoyed running from body to body with my melee weapon to catch holy strength’s (ala Turok 1), but I found no challenge to the game when using ranged weapons at double damage. That being said, the holy strength now only affects the Hammer. Speaking of the hammer, the randomized “top” attack has been updated. Now when the crusader jumps, his hammer will do the down attack for bonus damage. Otherwise the attack will sweep side to side.


The rogue and necromancer went through some testing and changes as well. The necromancer’s shocking grasp (or frost touch since it uses the blizzard FX) has been adjusted so that it no longer looks like monsters are being impaled by a well endowed wendigo. A sound cue has been added to the crossbow to signal a full charge. Also, there was a glitch allowing the whip to hit against nothing. Like spiderman soaring high above the city, it was a bit ridiculous… but now fixed.

Monsters got looked at as well. Specifically to gauge the challenge level of respawning monsters. So far it seems like regaining mana on levels and expending extra mana for wandering monsters is pretty balanced. There were some weird glitches with the imp dishing out too much XP. (It was previously balanced by dividing all XP in half for smaller monsters in a later step)

Some monsters that were previously left out of respawning have been added back in. Specifically archer lords, medusas, and fallen angels. The mummy lord respawn was also broken. Now they are all back into the wandering monster respawn list, some spawning in lesser monsters to reduce impact on level design.

So now that you know what’s new in the world of Game of Tomes,  use that assassin’s whip and grapple on over to Game of Tomes Booth to get the latest version!