Generation 3 of Alien Arena – The Martians have landed.

Martian player characters(CRX in-game renderer) (Diffuse+normal+glow+specular+subsurface light scatter+self shadowmap)



As was the case with Generation 2 of Alien Arena(Alien Arena 2008), it all began with looking at some items that seemed of lesser quality.  In both cases, it started with weapon models.  This time, in 2010, several weapons were remade, but the rest of the art seemed ok at the time, however criticisms of the poly counts, and style eventually rang true to me.  Initially I tried to enhance the original playmodels with new skins and higher polycounts, sort of a Gen 2.5 if you will, but eventually in late 2013 I decided it was time to redo the player models completely.  As with Gen 2, of the player models, I went with the iconic Martian character first.


Martians(Diffuse+Normal+Glow) (Deep Exploration renderer)



Diffuse Render(Warrior class):



Diffuse Render(Enforcer class)



Default Martian skin:



Generation 2(diffuse+normal+glow) (Deep Exploration renderer)



Generation 1(Diffuse+glow) (Deep Exporation renderer)



The inspiration for Gen 3 was ironicly, Gen 1.  Gen 2, was more like a fork with a dead end.  I wanted them to have a more aggressive, more detailed body, so the major change was changing the legs from shiny rib-tube to cybernetic attachments.  The look was to be realistic, gritty, but also have the stature of the Gen 1 versions, along with some campiness.  Visually I wanted more glowing bits, both for detail, and for player visibility.  The polycount was roughly 5000 for both models, the skin remained at 1024x1024x32, which while is not quite up to AAA fidelity standards, it’s reasonable for a game in which players are blazing around at a fast pace.


Next I will show some of the humans and their history…