Generation3 of Alien Arena: Exxxxtermmminate!

Generation 3 Martian Cyborg (CRX in-game renderer) (Diffuse+normal+glow+specular+subsurface light scatter+self shadowmap)


Generation 3 Overlord (CRX in-game renderer) (Diffuse+normal+glow+specular+subsurface light scatter+self shadowmap)


Robots have been a part of Alien Arena since Day One, and there are more than ever in Generation 3.  The first robot introduced was the Generation 1 Martian Cyborg.  To me, this was one of the cooler evolutions in Alien Arena over the years.  The Generation 1 model was reflective of the time and my skillset – creating models with QME, not knowing proper unwrapping techniques, but creatively, this was a fan favorite.


Generation 1 Martian Cyborg (Deep Exploration renderer) (diffuse+glow)


Generation 2 saw a pretty radical redesign.


Generation 2 Martian Cyborg (Deep Exploration renderer) (diffuse+glow)


With Generation 3, I wanted to keep it similar, but modernize it using the look the new Martians had.


Generation 3 Martian Cyborg (Deep Exploration renderer) (diffuse+glow)


The Overlord was part of Alien Arena very early on.  His first incarnation was a really creepy looking robotic creature with a huge brain inside of a bubble.  At the time I felt this was the best texture work I’d done to that point, and it was my favorite design.


Generation 1 Overlord (Deep Exploration renderer) (diffuse+glow)


Generation 2 saw a complete redesign, one that almost fused the old “Infantry” model and the Overlord into something very different.  The reason for the difference was mainly to make it easy to conform to our new skeletal mesh code, and the pending ragdolls.


Generation 2 Overlord (Deep Exploration renderer) (diffuse+normal+glow)


The next iteration of this creature was a little more sinister…but it kept the direction that had shifted in Gen 2.


Generation 3 Overlord (Deep Exploration renderer) (diffuse+glow)


The Rustbot was introduced fairly late in Generation 1, but did not carryover in Generation 2.  This was actually the first player model I ever created using Blender.  This was a total fan favorite, and became one of the most popular of Alien Arena’s characters.  I didn’t build one for Gen 2 because I didn’t feel it fit the more “serious” theme.


Generation 1 Rustbot (Deep Exploration renderer) (diffuse+glow)


Trying to update this and make it fit in Gen 3 wasn’t very easy.  It’s had a few skin iterations, and it’s something I continue to self-critique and tweak.  For now, I’m fairly content that it fits and meets the quality standards I’ve set, but something about it still gnaws on me, that I could improve it somehow.  In fact, as I post this, one idea has already crept into my mind!


Generation 3 Rustbot (Deep Exploration renderer) (diffuse+glow)


Lastly, we have the Slashbot.  This was introduced in Generation 2, and is a rather obvious conceptual rip-off of UT2k4’s cybernetic characters.  For that reason, the model is only available in SVN.  My initial attempt to remove it completely resulted in some long time community members threatening me with bodily harm.  So it remains…


Generation 2 Slashbot (Deep Exploration renderer) (diffuse+glow)


Since this model was sort of a “let’s not invest too much time into this” thing, Gen 3 only saw minor updates really.  Just some smoother areas, and some minor skin redo’s.


Generation 3 Slashbot (Deep Exploration renderer) (diffuse+glow)


Well, that’s it for the player characters(though, there is the potential for one more, Cybergirl, to be resurrected and re-imagined).  Here is a pic of all of the player models currently in the game.


Next up I’ll show some of the new weapon models for Gen 3 and their evolutions…