Quake Mod Highlights!

HSlow Motion Goodnessere’s the skinny on some mods with booths here at the QuakeExpo!

First off we have TurboQ. This features some neat enhancements, like damage numbers (aka floating numbers) when you do damage to a baddie, weapon tweaks, weapon switching while reloading (awesome!), and even cooler, slow motion mode! You can do this whenever you want. You replenish your slow motion power by gibbing monsters or their bodies! Sweet!


Quake DBNext on the list of Quake-e-Goodness is Quake Dodgeball! (Reminds me of Q3A’s Qocky). This is the kind of mod that made Quake extra fun to play at a LAN and one that isn’t serious enough where people throw their keyboards at each other for losing. A new version was released during Qexpo16. For people who like to their their balls and throw them at other players only, please. 🙂


spasm0028Next up is a single player/coop demo named Schlossherr. It includes a new map and a new start map. Make sure you get the latest Darkplaces engine to run it. It’s got a bunch of new textures and is based on Scourge of Armagon’s code. And yes, the source code is included! The final release is expected to have more maps (8 total).


insert xkcd joke here
Profile Quake

Finally we have Profile Quake by gnounc. There’s not much info about it now except that’s it will be a “methodical and clean leaderboard mod.” You register and it will keep track of your stats and also offer achievements (those to be listed in the coming days).


So there you have it, for your booths for you to check out if you haven’t yet!