Alien Arena: Warriors Of Mars


Happy 20th birthday to Quake!  For this year’s Qexpo I will be showing and talking about Generation 3 of Alien Arena, a complete reboot of the game.  I will discuss some of the new engine tech we are using, and give overviews of the levels and game design.  Warriors Of Mars is an arena FPS game that seeks to combine the best ideas from UT and Quake along with a variety of original ones to create what we consider to be the ultimate combination of fast paced game play and visual immersion.  You’ll notice artistic influences from UT3 in map architecture, and a couple of levels were originally loosely based on classic UT and Q3 maps.  All of this is wrapped up in a hi-tech, but retro sci-fi theme(think of how the Ford Mustang was re-imagined) that is both hilarious at times, but also strangely dark and menacing.