Attackers Go Red

Hey Quake fans.

Well, a lot has happened since the last Quake Expo 2008.

The Bad News: There hasn’t been the resurgence of interest in Q1 TF I had hoped. Aside from the annual Rock2ober event, we don’t get anywhere near the ideal of 32 players.


The Good News: The Weekly AGR Sessions have become an institution, are *still* going strong (we’ve even added a Saturday Session!), and new players are discovering the game all the time.. I’m gonna fix this booth asap, meanwhile, if you’re looking for a wild, ride back to 1999 with a 2016 twist, check out the phenomenon (I’ll save that word for when we get 32 players every week) ‘thing’ that is AGR:


ps if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the Rock2ober Movie.

pps and the new one (after over 6 months of delays) is almost ready!! [EDIT ok here’s a never before seen footage of the upcoming AGR movie “Gibs Of Fury”, which is about Rock2ober 2015. The title sequence, and the new SelfieCam.! Ill report back w more/ edit this page tomorrow!