Booth highlights: Polish the weapons for a virtual trip to Saturn

Rocket launcher as work of art

For now, the best way to experience the Quake2 weapon hi-poly remodel is on sketchfab.  Spinning these lovingly-crafted models around will have you itching to try these babies out in-game.  What was once just a couple pixels of textures is now a ‘real’ grip, button, or trigger.  The worn-smooth edges and metal scratches are especially nice.  Keep an eye on this one!  Made [email protected] and q2xp, or other source port with IQM support.




Quake for Google Cardboard… sure… but on iOS ??

This fabulous mash-up was fashionably late to the Expo, but it’s made a splash.  What started as an experiment to port vanilla Quake to MacOS and tvOS led to a “what if”?  Android was getting inexpensive but effective VR with Cardboard, so why not iOS?  Slip & Frag for iOS was born.  Get it for free on the app store.



Quake found on Saturn

Rich Whitehouse is well-known by modders for his model conversion and viewer tool, Noesis, which supports a mind-boggling array of game model formats.  But Dick’s Dreary Quake Hole proposes a big new challenge of Noesis:  import of Saturn Quake format levels for saving to standard Quake bsp levels.  Saturn Quake wasn’t a port so much as a reconstruction, including original levels.  Stay tuned for progress on this task, and maybe a new release of Noesis.  In the meantime, enjoy this, um,  mushroom-wielding mod ‘Midgets’ from Quake Expo past.

One of the secret levels from Quake for the Sega Saturn.   Midgets



A party within a party – FAN FEST <3

True love?  Propoganda?  Sarcasm?  Whatever you decide, the memed messages of FTEQW FAN FEST speak truth.