Booth highlights: New worlds for warriors

Warriors Of Mars

The soon-to-be-released complete overhaul code-named “Generation 3” balances fresh CRX engine tech with Alien Arena’s classic and campy 1950’s vision of the future.   What began in 2004 as a multi-player offshoot of CodeRed has become more focused and more realistic.  What if the iconic alien of AA was no longer a cartoon, but the real deal?  After methodically rebuilding all the character models from scratch, Irritant writes “I made the decision to redo all of the levels, only selecting the best ones, and use the new tech we had created for them, fairly inspired by UT3’s Necris art mixed with a good bit of Tim Burtonesque creepiness.”  Learn more about the history and making at the AA booth, and keep an eye out for the release of  “Alien Arena: Warriors of Mars”.


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It won’t remain Unknown for long

Many wonder “what if?” and many wonder “could I do that?”  The one we know in the forums as toneddu2000 is one of the few with the skill and perseverance to find out, “Could I make a game by myself?”, and 3 months later, Bam!  projectUnkown:  a proof-of-concept multiplayer FPS.  The plans are to release code and art source as CC0 Public domain license when the project is finished.  Thanks for sharing!



What’s Asaki Cooking Up?…

…you may have asked upon seeing this repeat project from the Turtle Farm during the booth previews.  Is it real?  And what IS “it”?  Hit up Legacy Online MMORPG at Asaki’s booth and download the current build.  Promising Dark Age life in 16 stunning colors,  the in-progress release of this total conversion already delivers at least 12.   Although bare-bones for now, the main mechanic of procedural island generation is working, including varying terrain, vegetation, towns, and wandering NPC’s.    I hope we’ll get another update before the next Expo!

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QRACK – a classic Quake 1 engine with current updates

R00k built-up the QRACK Quake engine years ago from tutorials of the time, but it grew and matured and became a source of tutorial and knowledge in itself.  QRACK code can be found in subsequent engines including MHQuake and Super8.  Hit the booth for a download and experience the latest features including Arcane Dimension support.  Hmm, no screenshots, so here’s a few Quakey GIFs from the QRACK website!