Booth Previews and promo: #qexpo

‘Booth Previews’ will be begin posting June 18, but can be created at any time.  These are short teasers or summaries about your planned Quake Expo booth.  Simply create a new post and mark the category ‘Booth Preview’.  Setting a featured image and posting a screenshot or brief video is encouraged.

If you are thinking about doing a booth but haven’t signed-up yet, now’s a great time!  Check out the ‘Members’ tab and see a few folks you may already know.

Surprisingly, Twitter is the number one referrer to this site.  If you’re on twitter, throwing out a #qexpo or other mention goes a long way.  Other top referrers: (func_msgboard forum),,,, and facebook.


Side note:  Gravatar is not required for profile pics (and for me is down right now.) Site members may upload a profile image directly from the ‘extended profile’ tab.