Booth Updates for Days 10 & 11

We’re getting close to the end of Quake Expo 2016, but the updates keep on rolling in! Well, let’s see what we have for you from the last few days.


Ionous is keeping up to date on the latest happenings with the recently announced Map Jam 7. He has put up a crop of screenshots from the current works that some of the mappers are creating. Take a look!




Izhido has let us know that an iOS version of Quake called Slip and Frag is now available! However, this isn’t just Quake on your phone, this is Quake made for Viritual Reality. To play, you’ll need to get yourself a pair of the cardboard VR googles and a controller, but it’s now possible to play Quake in VR! Of course, if you don’t have those items, you can still watch a video in the Booth update.



Irritant continues his updates on his mod Alien Arena, with Lock and Load! This time he is showing off screenshots of the weapons and these are looking pretty badass! Imagine shooting alien scum with these!




After a quick admission of guilt, TheHappyFriar has released another new asset for Quake. This is a replacement for the armor model. The only catch on this one is you may need a specific engine to use it. Get the details in the update!





There you have it, more Booth updates for all for your Quake cravings. Of course, there are plenty more to come, so please come and join us for these last few days of Quake Expo 2016 and let’s enjoy all these great projects!