Duel of Death

Cover for Duel of Death
Cover for Duel of Death

“Duel of Death: A Quake Story” is released!

The world’s first Quake novella!

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Get into the heads of Quakeworld duelers as they use their elite skills to… save the day of course!


Enter the world of Chase Talent, a retired Quakeworld player whose life goes from boring to bizarre when the F.B.I. recruits him for, above all things, his skills in Quake. A sinister attack on the Metro Subway system is being planned, and somehow all hope hangs on Chase’s shaft and rocket launcher.


In this fast paced action novel, the drama flows between the real world and the world only known to Quakers.


Read the free novel and find out:

  • Why does the FBI need a Quake player?
  • Can Chase resurrect his dormant duel skills and help the FBI stop an evil plot brewing around the corner?
  • Can the action of Quakeworld really be put into words?
  • Is Quake really just a game?


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