Game of Tomes version 0.04a


Although I’ve not been able to stream the development over the past few days, A LOT has changed. With the major game play features in place, I’ve been doing play throughs with each character to see where things are missing. One such example is the necromancer’s spell list. Adding in only 1 new spell didn’t make him feel like much of a wizard to me, so enter Shocking grasp! (pictured above). Many other things have made their way into the mod this way as well!

Here’s a break down of the changes.

  • Assassin’s whip can be fired offhand (no longer tied to weapon animations)
  • Assassin’s whip can pull monsters closer and be used as a traditional grapple.
  • Assassin’s crossbow can be charged to function like the Ethereal Crossbow from heretic. Charge up shots to add more power!
  • Assassin no longer takes fall damage
  • Necromancer can use Shocking Grasp spell (spell 2 right click)
  • All magic missiles are now seeking
  • Removed rapid fire feature from magic missile (It was exactly like the ice mace and that was not fun)
  • Completely rewrote experience system to make levels more predictable
  • Next level XP is 1000 * current level and XP is reset on each level gained. (This makes it really easy to tell when you’re close to a level and should fight more monsters)
  • Levels were previously done on an exponential curve. A simple progression scale makes players level faster!
  • Players were capped at about level 13 in the original game. Now that the caps are removed, this XP update better supports open ended leveling.
  • Resetting XP to 0 helps keep the XP label in stats menu from overflowing and dropping the last digit like before
  • Removed class based XP award system (necromancer used to level a little slower than paladin and crusader in order to mimic D&D, but it was a nuance too small to notice)
  • Updated number of stat points gained per level to balance the new faster leveling progression

Put on your paladin gauntlets and punch your way over the to Game of Tomes Booth to get the latest version!