Q2048 – famous game remake on Quake engine

This is a remake of famous 2048 game. Please check it before playing this mod if you are unfamiliar with the game concept.


Tested on DarkPlaces and QuakeSpasm.


Use arrow keys for movement, R to restart a game, Q to center a player.


How to start: unpack “q2048” folder to Quake’s one, execute your quake.exe with parameter -game q2048, i.e.:


quakespasm -game q2048


That would run default map base2048 (made by Scrama). Another (pretty dull and previously supposed as default  ) map best played with Darkplaces:


map start


Known bugs: q2048 algorithm is not 100% the same as in the original game (>90% although).
Maximum block is 16384.


This mod was made in anticipation of Quake’s 20th anniversary.


Download: https://github.com/jhspetersson/q2048/releases/download/1.0/q2048.zip
Source: https://github.com/jhspetersson/q2048/


Tools used:


map editor – Trenchbroom 1.1.6
qc editor – Jetbrains IDEA with idea-quakec
qc compiler – frikqcc


Under music: