idTech2 and idTech3 mods by Berserker

Happy BirthDay, Quake!

A preview of [email protected] and [email protected] mod booths:


[email protected] is a heavily modified Quake2 port. Mainly modified was renderer, also changed game code, client and server. Squished a lot of bugs. Engine uses own net-protocol, but old Quake2 protocol is fully supports (some new features will not work with Q2 protocol).


There are 3 mods based on idTech3 engines:

  1. [email protected] – based on Quake3 1.32b,
  2. [email protected]_mme – based on Quake3mme (Movie Maker Edition),
  3. [email protected] – based on RTCW-SP.

Main feature of these mods is Per-Pixel-Lighting (PPL) renderer, which based on Deferred Lighting aka Light Pre-Pass Deferred Rendering.
There are 3 render paths:

  1. Classic renderer,
  2. Fake PPL renderer,
  3. True PPL renderer.

Shadows rendered by shadow mapping technology, sun shadows uses cascaded shadow mapping (CSM).