Welcome! Register for Quake Expo 2016

Registration is open. Help celebrate this 20th year of Quake.  The Expo itself is two long months away, or two short months away, depending on individual free-time and project scope.   Wow, it’s been a long time since the last Quake Expo.  Spread the word and let’s bring the community together for rejuvenation, fellowship, and fun!
If you are a qexpo old-timer:  The format is virtual ‘booths’ set up for a limited number of days just like the past.  But unlike the past, this site has a built-in comment and messaging system.  The site-wide stream of discussion is available on the ‘Activity’ tab.  However, any booth owner may disable comments on their particular booth page by checking the ‘Comments Disabled’ category.
We also have a fancy event calendar to be populated.  Events occurring prior to the Expo days may be posted, but it is requested that there be an event coverage booth, news, or other tie-in available during the Expo itself.
If you’re a new-timer wondering what the heck this is:  The Quake Expo concept is based on virtual ‘booths’ where people show off projects, provide tutorials, or share nostalgia.  See the links at the bottom of the site for previous years.  The idea is a bit retro given all the possible online outlets for creativity now.  But that’s one of the reasons to have it-  with so many islands of forums, social media groups, and code repositories, it might be nice to come together for a few days and see what everyone else is doing.  The time limitation is key.  Booths will only be open for two weeks and afterwards the entire site is closed and archived.*
*Unless somebody out there would like to provide Quakecon coverage.  Then we’ll keep the ‘News’ section open a bit longer!
How to get started:  Very briefly, go to the ‘Groups’ tab and join the ‘Booth Creators’ , ‘Event Creators’ and/or the ‘Writers and News Authors’ group depending on what kind of content you wish to create.  Then post a request in that booth.  For more detail see the FAQ link on the side menu.