Rift is a project that has mutated in one form or another from the old RMQ content of yesteryear, first into Schism as a team effort and now as a solo thing, Rift.  My original posts about the Rift project can be found here, in epitaph form.

The project has undergone another mutation, taking on the codebase of Arcane Dimensions.

I could have continued with the code base I last used in the Rubicon Rumble Pack, but I really wanted those projectile shotguns, and the amount of differences between the two bases means it was easier to port over smaller features from mine to AD than the other way around.  Sock has also been very helpful and receptive with a lot of the other salvaged content so all is good.

Rift itself remains largely the same theme and design, albiet with a complete teardown and rebuild of the map content.  It’s gone from (practically) BSP3 insanity to approximately 200 monsters in a map ‘large’ size.

The basic theme is that of the original Quake – dimensions are crashing into each other and along comes this lone slipgater slaughtering their way through the mess and causing even more mayhem.  I suspect it’s not been implemented in quite the same way as I’m attempting it here before, although there’s probably someone somewhere who’s done it.

The idea is that the player never gets teleported, instead large chunks of the level get turned on and off as they navigate it, with large teleport volumes explaining why suddenly there is an elder temple sat in the middle of a tech base.  All this made possible by the very powerful state system that AD brings to the table – my previous implementation worked just ‘ok’.

It’s still early days, but so far I’m happy with the rate of progress, below is the map list;

  • Foreshadow
    • Start Map
    • Short and simple skill select
    • Test bed for visual effects and mesh implementations
  • Necropolis
    • First large map
    • Player breaches a sealed tomb
    • Introduction to Rift entity
    • Ogres and a few base enemies guard the entrance to the necropolis proper, which is then mostly focused on undead enemies
  • Megalopolis
    • Section of a larger city, recently overrun by the undead the player released in the previous level
    • First half is carving their way through undead and corpse strewn streets, the second has the player cracking open the sewers
  • Weald
    • From the sewers to an underground cave system, then out into woodlands amidst waterfalls and limpid pools
    • Insects form the backbone of the enemy palette, but with more and more incursions by elder enemies
  • Precipice
    • Climbing ever higher, the player leaves the lowlands behind to find themselves atop crags and tors with a weird managery of foes to contend with as the Rifts become more frequent
    • Climbing higher and higher brings the player to a small shrine set atop an atoll…
  • Tabernacle
    • Within the shrine, a massive elder temple complex opens up, waiting to be explored…

This can all change of course; the nice thing about working alone is that I can adjust the parameters to my own liking and bandwidth.

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Here are a couple more literally, two) shots of map 2:

graveyard market




  1. This looks lovely and I’m particularly happy to see you embrace Arcane Dimensions. I reckon that can only be a boon to your project.

    Good luck and keep us informed. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the positivism guys. I actually have a bit more to show now and was planning on doing a gameplay video as well.

    But my son (2nd child) was born yesterday!

    In any case my (Quake) project is still going strong and I’m well into map 2 now – I’ll take a couple more screens to show it off.

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