Schlossherr – Quake 1 Singleplayer mod Demo



Hello! And welcome to my Singleplayer mod for Quake called Schlossherr. As a demo for this year’s QuakeExpo, it is composed of 2 maps, including a start map (I’m sorry I couldn’t finish the actual second map on time, but at least there’s 1 entire playable map).

It includes textures coming from Deathmatch Classic (as it recreated mose of Quake’s assets for Valve’s GoldSource engine) as well as music tracks from Painkiller (for new ambient tracks, can be played from Quakespasm-related engines as well as Darkplaces) and new sounds (mostly individual item sounds like armors, ammo boxes and weapon pickup). It can be played in co-op up to 4 players in total. It should be played with clients able to run colored lightings and custom skyboxes. Source code also included.

Download it here:


  1. played through on hard (did find the nightmare gate tho). i really enjoyed fighting the new kinds of troops. Found three of the secrets. I’ll probably go back and look for more. Guns were cool, new sounds were cool. Sound track was cool. Will definitely play the full episode.

  2. Played through the demo and enjoyed it without getting bored at any point. I thought the pace was good also while enjoying the new enemy types.

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