Spearmint Quake 3

From the creator of Turtle Arena comes a Quake 3 source port that provides a glimpse of what is possible when you throw Quake 3 mod, demo, and network compatibility out the window while still maintaining the core Quake III Arena and Team Arena experience.




Spearmint Quake 3


  • Four player splitscreen support.
  • Bullet marks on doors and moving platforms.
  • Gibs and bullet shells ride moving platforms.
  • Improved Bot AI.
  • Improved gamepad support.
  • Aspect correct wide screen FOV and HUD.
  • In multiplayer with gibs disabled, bodies no longer become invisible when gibbed.
  • Improved third person view (crosshair, no award/team sprites over ones own head, etc).
  • Option to fade out explosion lights instead of shrinking them (set cg_fadeExplosions cvar to 1).
  • PNG screenshots.
  • Additional Railgun colors.
  • Smooth corpse sinking!


Wallmarks on moving platforms demo



However, the main focus of the Spearmint engine is improving the ioquake3 engine for new games and working towards running additional games such as Return to Castle Wolfenstein without intrusive game-specific changes.


Power to the Mods


Want to change the window title and icon? Want to add or remove variables from player or game objects and have them networked? Want to rename the initial logo video? These are the most common changes that standalone games based on ioquake3 make. Unlike the Quake 3 engine, Spearmint allows mods to change them without forking the engine.


Want to make a game/mod with a in-game console that looks like Doom 3 / Xreal? No need to fork the engine. The engine no longer draws anything on it’s own. Everything is controlled by mods. Including the initial loading screen (not present in the original engine), in-game console and chat text, and overlay text for entering chat message and demo/voip recording.


Spearmint moves a lot of commonly changed code from the engine into the server-side and client-side mod code. Such as a lot of Bot AI code, player input command creation (usercmd_t), and key press handling. Other frequently changed code which can’t be directly moved has been generalized such as model surface remapping (.skin files are now loaded in client-side mod code).


Spearmint supports the most of the engine functionality of Tremulous 1.1, World of Padman 1.6, Turtle Arena 0.6, Return to Castle Wolfenstein (SP and MP), and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It does have original features such as the ability for Quake Virtual Machine mods to allocate and free memory, with the memory pool size controlled by an engine console variable.



The Spearmint engine with Quake 3 support files is available for download for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X at the Spearmint website.