SuperDuper 3.3

I guess I should explain this mod.

SuperDuper Quake isn’t about traversing epic architecture and barely surviving onslaughts of demon/tech hordes. SDQ is about experiencing madness. It’s about creating a unique experience every time with dozens of weapons and dozens of monsters and several powerups and lots and lots and lots of gibs.

Monsters will spawn until you kill enough to spawn the Boss monster. When you kill it, the level is over. Or maybe he won’t spawn. Who knows? I don’t even know why this happens. Sometimes you have to kill all the monsters; sometimes you only have to kill the boss. Sometimes (though less often now) you can’t clear the map. It’s a UNIQUE experience.

Grapple the shambler and punch him to gibs then ride his gib shower in low gravity and shower the bugs below you with blue plasma.

Lay down a suppressing fire with the incinerator. The incinerator flamethrower or the incinerator nailgun or the incinerator turret or the double incinerator nailgun.

Freeze everything in sight and watch as the ice gibs freeze other monsters and gib those into ice gibs and the chain reaction catches up to you and you ice yourself.

Find the ring of power (they’re fckin everywhere) and explode freeze blow zap everything in sight. Teleport yourself into the sky and fall to your death raining God-wrath on the demons below. Launch dog bombs.

Sh*t yourself with laughter as John McClane (you) murders everything in sight with a ceaseless barrage of f-words. Or sh*t yourself with laughter as Elmo (YOU) joyously delights in the gibbelicious slaughter of Quake’s minions. Also Homer Simpson, Lo Wang, and Duke Nukem. Their mini clones will also try to kill you.

Pop out five ED-209 bots from your loins and watch them ignore due process and instead pronounce gratuitous murder on your enemies. Or maybe they’ll just stand around. I don’t know why they do this!

Piss yourself with fear as the horde of mini knights/enforcers/ shamblers/McClanes/Wangs/Elmos/Homers and Dukes come at you and one of them is a BOSS! Which ONE? IDK THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME! (I really should make the Boss hit harder than the others.)

Sit on your lazy bum ass and throw out magic buzzsaws. Like a lazy bum. Seriously that’s all you need to do.

Bug Mode
Bug Mode

So that’s a thing. Also low gravity. Low gravity is fun. Wait. HELLA FUN. Yeah. Mini monster mode is fun. Troopeux mode is fun. Shit all of it is fun. Go Kart maps are fun.

Stuff in this mod:

Quake monsters

Troopeux monsters

Other monsters

Large versions of some Quake monsters

Small versions of some Quake monsters

Reskinned versions of some Quake and Troopeux monsters with new attacks

Other monsters not in Vanilla Quake. Reskinned, small, and large versions of blah blah you know what goes here

A grappling hook

A robot that you can get inside

A go kart that you can drive around

A jet pack that shoots flames when you fly that can burn stuff

Chthon is not in this mod. Neither is the lava boss. He has no legs. Chthon just sits around.

God powers. GOD POWERS



Guns. Lots of guns.

Those bugs ↑ Again, small and large and reskinned versions

Limited number of lives to clear the map

You’ll need 7-zip to extract.

Download readme

Use this engine or Darkplaces or Fitzquake Mark V

Darkplaces borks the weapon animations somewhat, but its prettier. But it forces all the bolts and beams to be lightning. Pretty lightning


SuperDuper MechQuake (old, very very old) readme

SuperDuper Alien Quake readme

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If you’ve gotten this far you should read this write up by Glorious Trainwrecks. It’s awesome. I’m awesome. We are all awesome. I love you.