Welcome to frag.machine’s QEXPO2016 corner

Hello and welcome to my QEXPO2016 booth, where we are celebrating the 20th (yay!) Quake birthday.
Here I will show to you some WIP from my vaporware coop mod Realms of Quake, or simply, RoQ. Currently, it’s a mashup of RPG, FPS and bits of other cool stuff I find in other games. It’s a Darkplaces only mod (FTEQW may be supported later but right now is untested and TBH I don’t have the time to develop for both engines) .

Check some random screnshots:


This is your magical chest, because every RPG *must* have magical chests, you know. Here, you can store any item you’re not equipping or don’t want to risk to lose if dying. And it’s magical because you can put like, 100 armors or 200 swords inside it.





RoQ04And this is a villager. You know, RPG’s must have villagers. You can even talk to him!





Currently, there is not much to do in RoQ, but here is a list of features with the current status:

  • [OK*] day/light cycles, following your current time zone (in other words, if you are playing at night, it’s night in the game, too);
  • [OK] support for up to 4 players in cooperative mode, but also can be played as single player;
  • [WIP] There will be 4 classes to pick: Mariner (Quake guy), Templar Knight, Battlemage and Cyborg;
  • [OK] Upgradeable and enchantable weapons, gears and spells! Turn a regular shotgun into a weapon of mass destruction with arcane magic and scrap metal;
  • [OK] a cool mission vote system;
  • [WIP] Quest missions loosely related to a story (who needs story anyway ?);
  • [WIP] Random crazy achievements like “Kill 25 zombies at midnight without explosive weapons” or “Collect 10 monster heads in 5 minutes”;
  • [WIP] useless NPC’s that walk randomly in the main hub map can sell, buy, upgrade and enchant stuff for you;


And lots more. I’ ll post a short video later showing some of this stuff in action. Stay tuned!