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Happy BirthDay, Quake!

[email protected] is a heavily modified Quake2 port. Mainly modified was renderer, also changed game code, client and server. Squished a lot of bugs. Engine uses own net-protocol, but old Quake2 protocol is fully supports (some new features will not work with Q2 protocol).

The most basic features:

  • multy renderer: 7 per-pixel lighting (PPL) and 1 simple render path;
  • shadow volumes;
  • bump mapping, parallax mapping, specular mapping, detailed bump mapping;
  • editable vertex and fragment programs;
  • hires textures, image formats: TGA, PNG, JPG, DDS, PCX, WAL;
  • 2-level texture override, full re-texture pak available on official site;
  • editable texture effects: chrome, image mapping, power, glow styles, distort;
  • editable surface properties: footstep and hit sounds, debris models, hit decals;
  • editable model properties;
  • mirrors on walls and water surfaces;
  • layered fog;
  • decal system, marks static and brush models;
  • improved particle system, linking to alias models (monsters, items, etc…);
  • dynamic lights, linking to brush and alias models;
  • sun and lens flares, auto-flares for glow surfaces;
  • underwater caustics;
  • bloom;
  • multisampling for anti-aliasnig;
  • fullscreen effects: pain, underwater, mask, etc…
  • md2, md3, ase, sp2, sp3 (own format) support, iqm models in future;
  • re-light system, in-game editor, full Quake2 re-light pak available on official site;
  • client-side models (brass shells, debrises, gibs);
  • personal gibs;
  • game modifications: fast rockets (like Quake), haste mode (double speed shuting), predator mod, monster respawn, drop backpack after die (like Quake), explosion knockback control, double jumps (like Unreal), etc…;
  • flashlights, invisibility item, flyQbe bot;
  • own savegame system for eliminate bug “Savegame from an older version.”;
  • renderer state saving with savegame: decals, particles, gibs, debrises, etc…;
  • optimized network protocol: packet compression, improved deltas, partial userinfo transfers, etc;
  • large maps support: map size expanded from 8192 to 32768 units;
  • anticheat system by R1CH support;
  • ogg vorbis and wav sound tracks, situation tracks;
  • 2d/3d scales hud;
  • hires font, colored console chars;
  • improved cvar and command system, autocompletion;
  • new mouse code by Willow;
  • cpu control: affinity and task priority;
  • and many many other….

Official site: http://berserker.quakegate.ru/

Linux port: https://github.com/UCyborg/BerserkerQuake2  Thanx UCyborg!





ATex – Art designer
[RWT]DOOMer – Hosting for http://berserker.quakegate.ru
Kirk Barnes & KriGSSv1N – cooperation (Quake2XP).
Jim and Chris Waurzyniak – full hi-res textures/skins collection (http://www-personal.umich.edu/~jimw/q2).
Quake II Retexture Portal).
Stannum’s Quake2 Retexture Project).
Quake Retexturing Project).
Quake2maX hi-res textures).
Idler’s Hideout).
Matt “Lunaran” Breit – Textures/NormalMaps and etc.
Textures, normalMaps, etc.).
Turic – hi-poly models (http://CTPEJIOK22.deviantart.com).
Generation Arena and Paril – static models (http://parilsprojects.org).
CombatEnforcer – images for light filters.
Kjell Andersson and Mathias Bergvall – Caustics Generator v1.4.
QuakeGuy head hud-model from Moo, slightly edited by OoPpEe.
Tenebrae project.
Quake developers forum.
Richard \R1CH\ Stanway – r1ch.net.
Richard \R1CH\ Stanway – Anticheat.
Knightmare – kmq2 project.
D_R_ – Personal monster’s gibs and debris models.
Serge \V_2540\ Shabrov, D_R_, Smich, Enf0rcer – beta testing.
tigrik2017 – Sound tracks.
samolahajnar – new super shotgun и machine gun.
UCyborg – Linux port.
id software.

      Special thanks for Serge \V_2540\ Shabrov for given hardware.


Work almost finished, main project is [email protected], [email protected]_mme and [email protected]