Will the last one out please switch off the slipgate.


Impression: Quake Expo was a vivid daydream of surprising color and texture that passed too quickly to process.  Fortunately, unlike a dream, we have the ability to revisit this slice of time in leisure to appreciate the wonder more fully. Curiosity drove this Expo into existence, amplified over time by the stalled hopes of an Expo back in 2014.  It’s been so long since 2011, especially in game-development years.  Was it too…

Booth Updates for Days 12, 13 & 14


Here we are again with another Booth update for Quake Expo 2016! We’re getting very close to the end of the expo here, so please, enjoy these updates while we’re still getting them! On with the updates.       Spirit has updated his fan fest Booth for FTEQW with a cryptic image! If you take a look at the update, you can tell they’re Quake console commands, however I…

More Quake Mod Highlights!


First up we have Defrag. Still a WIP and no public release yet (but you can request a beta vis his e-mail: tamb324@gmail.com ). The idea is to make 10 to 20 maps where you race from one of to another, with a visual theme inspired by “The Mirror’s Edge”. So because it’s not out for public viewing, no screenshots, sorry. The chatter at the forum is that it will…

Booth highlights: New worlds for warriors


Warriors Of Mars The soon-to-be-released complete overhaul code-named “Generation 3” balances fresh CRX engine tech with Alien Arena’s classic and campy 1950’s vision of the future.   What began in 2004 as a multi-player offshoot of CodeRed has become more focused and more realistic.  What if the iconic alien of AA was no longer a cartoon, but the real deal?  After methodically rebuilding all the character models from scratch, Irritant writes “I made…

Map Jam 7 Progress


More mappers are jumping aboard. Check it out.   Danrul is taking the blockout route:   Schnedwob’s map is heading in an intriguing, Zerstorer-like direction:   Skacky is playing around with 45 degree angles, in all their masochistic glory:   Uh, I made some pipes:

Booth highlights: Just keep mapping/ making/ playing


Ionic Transmissions from Map Jam 7 Ionous started this Expo with a lone epic map shot that will be part of the next Arcane Dimensions update, but later proceeded to give us updates and streaming from Map Jam 7 progress.   See discussion at func_msg forums.  The deadline is August 11.      You think you have enough time to release these things every day, Nemo, but you just don’t! Like the story for many…

Booth Updates for Days 10 & 11


We’re getting close to the end of Quake Expo 2016, but the updates keep on rolling in! Well, let’s see what we have for you from the last few days.   Ionous is keeping up to date on the latest happenings with the recently announced Map Jam 7. He has put up a crop of screenshots from the current works that some of the mappers are creating. Take a look!  …

Booth highlights: Polish the weapons for a virtual trip to Saturn


Rocket launcher as work of art For now, the best way to experience the Quake2 weapon hi-poly remodel is on sketchfab.  Spinning these lovingly-crafted models around will have you itching to try these babies out in-game.  What was once just a couple pixels of textures is now a ‘real’ grip, button, or trigger.  The worn-smooth edges and metal scratches are especially nice.  Keep an eye on this one!  Made [email protected] and…

Booth highlights: Quake mapping across spacetime


Sin’s Gorge and Four Feather Grab some popcorn and try out a pair of maps from Madfox.  The Gorge is based on a map from “Sin”, a classic FPS released in 1998.  Check out the additional screenshots and download from the Sin’s Gorge homepage. Long in the making,  Four Feather is a medieval castle with a Russian flair, new monsters, and an intriguing skybox, “an ancient rune fallen out of…

Booth highlights: Continuous improvement


What did Quake WANT to be?  Hexen II “Game of Tomes”   Hexen II is a beautiful and visually consistent fantasy realm.  But what if the gameplay was better?  Enter Game of Tomes modification.  PeeweeRotA has been asking tough questions during the ongoing development of this Hexen II mod, like “Why doesn’t the necromancer raise the dead?”. “Am I playing the next fusion of fantasy and first person shooters, or am…