Qrack is an open source, openGL, Quake 1 engine What started as cobbled together open sourced tutorials, became what it is today. Many modern features supporting extended engine limits and modern mods such as In The Shadows and Arcane Dimensions. http://quakeone.com/qrack

Slip & Frag


Slip & Frag for iOS is now available for free on the App Store!   https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/slip-frag/id1133244429   You can see it in action here (well, at least 6 minutes of it) :     It all started as an experiment. In order to understand a bit better how Apple OSes do 3D rendering, I decided to port vanilla Quake – that is, the original Quake v. 1.09 3D engine as it was uploaded by…



FTEQW propaganda, hype and maybe more. -Spirit #FTEQW #MyQuake ♥ http://fte.triptohell.info/ ♥ https://sourceforge.net/projects/fteqw/



Rift is a project that has mutated in one form or another from the old RMQ content of yesteryear, first into Schism as a team effort and now as a solo thing, Rift.  My original posts about the Rift project can be found here, in epitaph form. The project has undergone another mutation, taking on the codebase of Arcane Dimensions. I could have continued with the code base I last…


projectUnknown logo

projectUnknown is a multiplayer Arena-style FPS. This is my first game made from scratch with FTEQW game engine. I created all the code, art and sounds, except GLSL shader files(which belong to respective authors). Spike‘s help for technical questions about FTEQW game engine was vital, anyway! Technically speaking, it’s not even a game, but a proof of concept. My plans are to release code and art source as CC0 Public…

Dick’s Dreary Quake Hole

One of the secret levels from Quake for the Sega Saturn.

It’s a very special QExpo this year, following Quake’s 20th birthday. For that reason, I wanted to actually contribute something. I’ve tossed around a few project ideas, and one that I really liked was a follow-up to my reverse-engineering of Quake for the Sega Saturn.     The original write up including all of the data and particulars for Saturn Quake is here.   The idea I had here was…

My maps through 8 years…


From the start, summer 2008 I was started to mades maps from World of Padman 1.2(in the 12th-last year of school) to OpenArena, Quake 3 in Maverick contest 2010 to Xonotic (and makes some weaopn models), Prey, Quake 1 – Darkplaces engine  To again World of Padman and again to Open Arena. I love this work most, for true more more than video edit, its taked all my years from the start…

Attackers Go Red


Hey Quake fans. Well, a lot has happened since the last Quake Expo 2008. The Bad News: There hasn’t been the resurgence of interest in Q1 TF I had hoped. Aside from the annual Rock2ober event, we don’t get anywhere near the ideal of 32 players.   The Good News: The Weekly AGR Sessions have become an institution, are *still* going strong (we’ve even added a Saturday Session!), and new players are…

Asaki’s Quakin’ Shake Bakery


07/30/16: Closing Time!   Well, here we are, at the end of another Quake Expo, and you’re just in time for a fresh batch of Legacy Online! Sorry, I haven’t come up with a better name for it, yet.     In addition to the aforementioned tweaks, I’ve added some very preliminary dungeon code. Touch any lair to enter it, or use the cheat below. I’ve also repackaged the game…

Tronyn: Levels in-progress


Tronyn writes from his travels:  …at the moment so I don’t have much computer access (I’m currently in a public library).  I’m unlikely to be able to make a booth, but I do have some content: a message below that demonstrates I’m not dead with some links (mostly old shots), and an interview I did with John Romero.   See the interview separately in ‘Interviews’ under the Features menu.   Tronyn…