Quakespasm with IRC (twitch) chat support.

Quakespasm-IRC is a modification of the popular Quake 1 engine Quakespasm to support IRC chat.


IRC in Quake....!
IRC in Quake….!

Download here: Dropbox Link, Mirror.


Extra info:

The mod uses the Quakespasm 0.91.0 codebase, with the libircclient library. No extra downloads should be required other than what is in the archive file provided.

Windows and Linux (sorry mac uses) binaries are provided in the archive file too.


Important note:

DO NOT SET YOUR PASSWORD ON STREAM. Be aware that the password is recorded in clear text in the config.cfg file. DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE ON STREAM.



Launch the executable as per normal. There are a number of new commands that upon load will be available from the console. It is strongly suggested that the command messagemode3 gets bound to akey for use in game. This can be performed by typing “bind x messagemode3”, where x is the key of your choice.

Once connected with the commands below, IRC communications will appear both in the console and will be echoed on the top of the play screen. You can communicate to the IRC channel in game with the key you bound to messagemode3. Output of the IRC connection is saved to ircout.log in the quake root directory.


Setup Commands:

  • “irc_server (arg)” : Echoes the server name stored in config.cfg or sets it with the text following (Either as IP or as hostname, at this stage SSL is not supported).
  • “irc_password (arg)” : Default is Will not echo to console, but will set it from the text following (Note that the password is set in plaintext in the config.cfg, so don’t share it and don’t set it on stream). If no password is required it can be set to null with “”.
  • “irc_port (arg)” : Default is 6667. Echoes the IRC port stored in config.cfg or sets it with the text following.
  • “irc_nick (arg)” : Default is “Player”. Echoes the IRC nick stored in config.cfg or sets it with the text following.
  • “irc_channel (arg)” : Default is “#Default”. Echoes the IRC channel stored in config.cfg or sets it with the text following. Requires “#” to preceed the channel name.


Usage Commands:

  • “irc_connect” : Connects to the server specified during setup.
  • “irc_disconnect” : Disconnects the server.
  • “irc_join (arg)” : Joins the channel specified in setup OR join the channel in the text following.
  • “irc_part (arg)” : Leaves the channel specified in setup OR leaves the channel in the text following.


Twitch Instructions:

To connect to twitch you need to use the following:

  • “irc_server” : “irc.chat.twitch.tv”
  • “irc_port” : “6667”
  • “irc_nick” : Must be your twitch username
  • “irc_password” : Must be an OAuth token (accessible here: http://www.twitchapps.com/tmi/)
  • “irc_channel” : Your channel name (note this is case sensitive)


Known issues :

Extended charactersets are not supported and will not display correctly.
Technically you can connect to multiple channels at once, however at present only supports chatting to one channel. It is suggested that only one channel is used at a time.
If the connection fails or is slow to connect the terminal may loop error messages. If it becomes apparent that the connection isn’t going to occur, use the irc_disconnect command to halt the message loop.


Special thanks:


Id software for their awesome game, the developers of Quakespasm! Seriously, what an engine, and George Yunaev for his work on his IRC library that made this possible.


I would like to express my thanks to the following people for their help and encouragement with this mod.

EricW and Baker, for their knowledge of the engine and pointing me in the correct direction when I was lost. Grummlor for his patience and listening to me bitch and moan about learning to code in C.

Oh and happy belated birthday Quake!



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