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The Ruined Unites States of America


In the time before the Wastes, the leaders of the land said that their great weapons were built as sentinels of peace. So full of confidence, so ruined by ego, our leaders cut a daring path into the future.
Now we scrounge as rats, when once we gorged ourselves as kings.
We kill for food, water and gasoline. We kill to survive the Wastes.



The Wastes is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by Vera Visions.
It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world full of action, violence and cars.

It’s a game built upon the love for classic video games and movies. No on-line accounts necessary – imagine configuring and playing a game just like you did 15 years ago.


The game is being developed on the FTE QuakeWorld engine – allowing for smooth on-line play, as well as in-game voice-chat.


The Dunes Drivers


The game currently features 32 different weapons.
Ranging from exotic melee weapons (like Throwing Knives and Sledgehammers) to high caliber handguns, firearm prototypes (such as the G11 and the Pancor Jackhammer), as well as classic weapons (such as the FN FAL and the Thompson SMG) – all waiting to be used.
While people can also create load-outs to shape their play-style, you will find special weapons scattered all over the multiplayer levels along with ammunition and other items that will help you survive.


Weapon Loadout Desert Eagle Execution



Transportation is the key to surviving in the long run.
Currently featuring 8 unique vehicles – ranging from The Last Of The V8s to an El Camino and even a Semi-Truck.
All of them being armed and dangerous.


Open Vehicle Combat



System Requirements (Projected)

  • CPU:     Pentium III or Athlon CPU
  • CPU Speed:     1.0 GHz
  • RAM:     256 MB
  • OS:     Windows NT/Linux
  • Video Card:     OpenGL 2.0 compatible Video Card
  • Sound Card:     …yes
  • Free Disk Space:     1.2 GB



We will release more information and media over the coming weeks here at QuakeExpo!

Feel free to ask any questions about the game or the development that you may have.


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