projectUnknown is a multiplayer Arena-style FPS. This is my first game made from scratch with FTEQW game engine. I created all the code, art and sounds, except GLSL shader files(which belong to respective authors). Spike‘s help for technical questions about FTEQW game engine was vital, anyway! Technically speaking, it’s not even a game, but a proof of concept. My plans are to release code and art source as CC0 Public domain license when it will be finished, as I did for fteskel project.

I asked myself if I was capable of create a game all by myself and: bam! projectUnknow was created! It took about 3 months of work using Blender, Photoshop, Notepad++, and, of course, FTEQW game engine!

projectSite (still in progress)


  1. Looks cool, and definitly a great achievement for one person in 3 months!

    But why wait for releasing it as fully open-source until it is “finished”? I don’t even think there can ever be something like “finished” for such a game :p (maybe “eh… good enough for someone else to take over” 😉 )

  2. Good question poVoq. Not sure why I still didn’t release first stub of project. Probably first reason is self-esteem: I don’t think projectUnknown it’s still “a game” but just a tech-demo made by me as future portfolio. This is why I prefer to settle down a little, refine whole code, make animations a little better, add sounds(NO SOUNDS! 🙂 ), make decent particle effects, add gibs(NO GIBS, AAAAAH) and release all the package in September / October.
    Someone will take over this project and turn it out in something (a lot I hope) better? Sure, it’s possible. But I’m more like a onemanband person than a onlineteamforonenight person, so probably it will be a completely different project than this. Moreover because every single code or model file (except GLSL files, not created by me)will be released under CC0 license, so this should tease possible modders! 😉

    Thanks for your nice comment poVoq, cheers!

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