Example Booth Preview – Help Desk

So… the idea of the Booth Preview is to create a little teaser or trailer to show what is coming without giving too much away. The intent is to publish (show to public) the Previews at a good time to get interest from news sites and attract those Quake folk on the fringe who might not think about entering the Expo until the publicity around Quake’s birthday. Hopefully there will be publicity.

Here at the freshly-stained Quake Expo Help Desk, you will marvel at the burled heartwood cabinetry hewn from organicly-grown Open Quartz zombie trees.  Even as the concierge stares beyond the reflection in the slowly-drying lacquer, 20 years into the past,  wondering if there’s finally time to learn Qoole now that the little vorlings are growing up,  we know that exhibitors come first.  Even the most demented demands will be instantly granted by our courteous staff of genies and/or giant hallucinogenic brain-sucking beetles.  And remember, Quake is for Everyone.

source: Der_Anders https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/m2fek/found_this_quake_print_ad_in_a_german_gaming