Q.  Is Registration Still Open?
A.  Yes, until July 29, right up until the day before closing!  Even a late booth will be visible once the site is archived, if that booth is complete and published.

Q.  What is Quake Expo?
A.  The Expo is an online showcase of projects (Booths) and events by the Quake community hosted every few years.  The last one occurred in 2011, so it’s been awhile!    The target audience is players of the original Quake and QuakeWorld, as well as Quake 2, 3, and 4.   Projects include maps, mods, artwork, community events, writing, and interviews.  The expo may also include events scheduled by users.  This year it is my pleasure to host the website-  jeff @ qbism. com.


Q:  What is a booth?
 A booth in reality is really just a web page with a wysiwyg interface.  What makes it special?  Keeping with the tradition of past Expos, booths make up the concept of a virtual exhibition hall, where people from various aspects of the Quake community come together and showcase their work and ideas for a small, magical slice of time.  The contents of booths are usually new or updated projects or events.  A booth can be based on existing or even ‘historical’ projects, but the presentation should bring something fresh and new.


Q: How do I get a booth?

A: Complete the following steps:

1. Register at https://://qexpo2016.com/ between May 14 and July 29.   Registration is free.
2. Join the ‘Booth Creators’ group and post a simple message there, like “Hey, I’d like to make a booth.”
3. Members of that group will be updated to ‘Author’ status.
4. ‘Post’ a booth with the built-in interface. Booths can be edited any time but will not appear publicly until the expo opens.

5.  Rules:  Booths represent individual or team projects, tutorials, documentation, art, event results, or other type of information.  Please do not create more than one booth unless you have two completely distinct, well-developed items.


Q:  How do I submit writings, news, events, or interviews?

A: Register per steps above,  join the ‘Writers and News Authors’ group or ‘Event Creators’, and post your intent to the group.


Q:  Any tips or rules for making posts?

A:  Here’s a few-

 1. Select a feature image, please.  Your booth or news will look much better.

2. Feel free to upload images up to about 3Mb,  PDF files up to 15Mb,  and zip files up to about 50Mb.  But do not post movies.  The editor will automatically embed YouTube video links.  Vimeo and others provide an iframe embed code that can be pasted in the “Text” editor mode (next to the “Visual” tab).

3. For larger files, use an external host- DropBox, Google Drive, quaketastic, etc. – and post the link.

4. Use Categories and Tags.  Try to find an appropriate existing Tag before creating a new one.

5. Play nice with the interface and please message if a bug or exploit is found.

6. Note that booths are not publicly visible until a site editor publishes them, when the expo starts.

7. Tutorial:  http://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/how-to-add-a-new-post-in-wordpress-and-utilize-all-the-features/


Q:  Can a booth include multiple posts?

A:  Yes, if you have a lot of text or graphics.   Only give the main post the ‘Booth’ category.   Make sure the main post contains links to the additional posts.  The link will be the ‘Permalink’ listed at the top of the editor window.

Q: Will booths be need to be approved every time we make an update during the expo?

A: No. After booths are first published, changes can be made and will appear without requiring approval. Additionally, booth authors may optionally make a ‘booth update’ post for any change or news. Just set ‘booth update’ as the category. There will be a menu item for this on the site home page. (Thanks to Stephen Howe for this question.)

A few notes about booth changes and updates-
1. Creators may change any published Booths or Booth Updates at any time until the Expo closes.
2. Please use ‘Booth Update’ category for posts about individual booths and ‘News’ category for generic site-wide news, reviews, or external Quake news.
3. Additional posts may be created for booths. These should not have a category checked. Your main booth post can then contain links to these posts- see the ‘permalink’ at the top of the post while in edit mode. It is also possible to add a link to a ‘Booth Update’ or any other post. These additional posts still have to be approved before they appear. Sorry for the hassle.


  1. I missed registration, thinking last day was yesterday and not 15 of July! Can you please register me? My project is completed (site page, images and videos)! Pleeease! 🙂

    1. I need to change the FAQ- anyone can still register. It should have read ‘preregistration’. toneddu2000, added you so now you can make a booth. Thanks!

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