TurboQ is a quick and dirty mod to spice up and juice classic Quake with gameplay alterations and added details.

Get it here:




  • Most weapons have received minor changes in their behaviour, don’t expect everything to work just like in standard Quake.
  • You can now slow down time by using +useslow, as long as you have something in your slowmo bar in the bottom center of the screen.
  • To replenish your slowmo bar, gib enemies or their corpses.
  • You can now switch weapons while they’re still reloading, you can greatly increase your damage output by being quick with your binds.
  • Health and armor pickups give less to compensate for the higher damage output and slowmo.
  • Handy helpful features like damage numbers and damage indicators.


Notes for players:

  • Set up ‘turboq’ directory like any other mod directory.
  • You need to use the FTEQW engine , no other engine will do.
  • Make sure you have “+useslow” bound to a key, if not, csprogs will bind it for you on lshift.
  • Make sure “r_bloom” value is > 0 in order to get the visual effect for slowmo to look right, “r_bloom 0.01” works for example.
  • It’s a good idea to bind weapon keys closer to your movement keys, like using keys around WSAD instead of numbers 5-8, you can rebind them with ‘bind <newkey> “impulse <weaponnumber>”‘.


  1. also, loved the music in your trailer. ‘initial d’ inspired ‘duel of death.’ a fan of the show might see some similar elements in the story.

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