Game of Tomes – A Hexen 2 Modification



Game of Tomes is a fast paced modification made to improve the RPG elements of the game. This booth is dedicated to live streaming development on twitch during the Quake Expo, tune in and keep an eye on the download links for progress.

Twitch Link

Github Repo



This mod started with a question? “What if I WANT to fight the monsters?”

Let’s face it. Hexen II was an otherwise unfinished game. Combat is stiff. Mana placement leaves ranged players hacking away with melee weapons. Monsters are unpredictable and players are expected to kill them in their first frame of animation in order to advance. It lacks features and charm that heretic started but Hexen perfected.

Hexen II is an RPG, and a lot of effort went into making it a rather beautiful experiment for its time. But RPGs differ from most games. In action games, every monster is an obstacle to your goal. Fighting less monsters is a faster path to success. Even Hexen used monsters as obstacles. Hexen II created a dynamic where players should want to kill monsters, but skipping monsters is the best path forward.

With that in mind, I started making the melee weapons more useful and added a feature to heal on level gains. This made it FUN to kill monsters. Not only do I need their blood soaked XP, I want to fight them. I want to challenge myself. So from there I started to ask some of the obvious questions. “Why do I need this tome to throw my hammer?” and “Why doesn’t the necromancer raise the dead?”. “Am I playing the next fusion of fantasy and first person shooters, or am I playing  a re-skinned quake?”

Each feature of the mod stems from one of these fundamental questions. Hexen II got so close to what the original Quake wanted to be. Perhaps we can finish that work.

Below you’ll see a list of features. Anything marked in plain text is completed and anything marked in gray is a work in progress.




  • Damage based to player stats
  • Removed level caps
  • Increased stats when leveling
  • Fill mana and health on new level
  • Alt fire modes for weapons with new functionality!
  • Access to “tome” powers for some weapons without active tome
  • Mana cost balancing
  • Respawning monsters (for level grinding)
  • Random item drop improvements (for restocking)
  • Rewrote XP system!
  • Needed XP is currentl level * 1000
  • XP meter resets with level to make it easier to track progress
  • Various XP fixes and updates
  • Monster respawn fixes and updates


  • Advanced brawling attacks (charge, uppercut)
  • Vorpal Sword lightning attack without tome
  • Axe can be used as melee weapon


  • Hammer throw without tome
  • Down attack attack for hammer when jumpig
  • Ice mace drain health attack
  • Ice Mace animation improvements
  • Made holy strength a melee only ability


  • Sickle lightning attack (increases with level)
  • Homing magic missiles without tome
  • Added Shocking grasp spell
  • Replaced rapid fire bones with explosive bones.
  • Added summoning attack.


  • Whip attack (offhand for all weapons)
  • Charge up ethereal crossbow
  • Doesn’t take fall damage
  • Updated backstab logic to use dexterity stat



To install, download the latest zip file, extract to your base hexen 2 directory (example: C:\Hexen II\), and start the game with the command -game gameoftomes

Download latest: version 1.0


  1. Title screen is garbled when using hammer of thyrion in software mode. Also, what extra keys need to be bound? Like alternate fire? Which impulse is it?

    1. Hammer of Thyrion is such a cool client. I’ve been running in openGL so far so I’ll switch to software and see what’s going on. Probably a palette thing.

      The autoexec.config that comes with the mod will bind the right click to the alternate fire command. It makes an alias for impulse 144 and impulse 145 so that the “+attack -attack” command can be mimicked

      Here is the binding if you want to copy it to a custom config
      bind “mouse2” “+impulseuse”

      alias “+impulseuse” “impulse 144”
      alias “-impulseuse” “impulse 145”

  2. the issue with the garbled titlescreen is with the software mode of hammer of thyrion only. Any way to make it work with software mode?

  3. sorry, is it possible to make a version that works with the portals of preavus mission pack too? I like the mod so far. It would be nice to be able to play it with the mission pack as well.

  4. All great suggestions. I’ve not gotten around to looking at the conback issue yet. I’d love to extend this out to the expansion. Never gave it a shot but I’ve got a copy lying around here somewhere. The expansion is its own codebase. So there’d be some work porting things over to the second codebase, but it appears that most of the weapon code is the same.

    I’ll see what I can get going with the whip. If it drags on till tomorrow I’ll get another site up and running for further development and get this one linked to it.

    Glad you like it 😀

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