Game of Tomes version 1.0


As quake expo comes to a close, I finally had some time to put into balancing. There was a quite a bit of weapon balancing to do as well as some very minor bug fixes. This will bring us up to an official version 1.0! The bug fixes first, there were some really minor issues and I’m sure they were a little annoying to players. One such problem was needing…

Final Shakes!

We’re closing up shop for the night, head over to the Bakery for some last minute snacks! Two new releases, everything must go!

The battlegrounds of Alien Arena: Warriors Of Mars

Alien Arena: WOM will have a number of completely revamped levels, plus a few new ones.  In this post I’ll give the rundown, with a picture of each, and a bit of background and description.  Since in my previous post I mentioned Dynamo, I won’t list that one here.   Deathray:   Deathray is the quintessential Alien Arena level.  It was initially designed in 2009 as a showcase for as…

Blood Omnicide v0.1 released


  Blood Omnicide, a Darkplaces engine-powered total conversion is finally here and ready to satisfy your thirst for vengeance. Lots of new stuff – complete graphics overhaul, new levels, support for PlayStation-version of Blood Omen, new “Echoes of Omnicide” soundtrack by Kyle Myers and more.   Make haste to the Blood Omnicide Booth. Come and test the wrath, the heart and the beauty of this ancient story.  

Map Jam 7 Progress


More mappers are jumping aboard. Check it out.   Danrul is taking the blockout route:   Schnedwob’s map is heading in an intriguing, Zerstorer-like direction:   Skacky is playing around with 45 degree angles, in all their masochistic glory:   Uh, I made some pipes:

An interview with The Happy Friar

The Happy Friar is a long-time positive force in the Quake scene and was a writer for Planet Quake.  He’s even hanging out with us here at Quake Expo (check out his booth). Fortunately we were able to get together for some Q and A-   Qbism: Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. Forgot about a screening of “Serenity” movie I had tickets to last night!   The Happy Friar: The one with Nathan Fillion…

Generation 3 of Alien Arena: Worlds evolve…

I was going to post about powerups, but instead I’m going to talk about a few of the levels in this post and the next, before winding it all up with a discussion about the game, the engine, and where this is all going, including a new project.   In this post I’m going to show the evolution of a level, using a single scene from it’s initial version, through…



  Qrack is an open source, openGL, Quake 1 engine What started as cobbled together open sourced tutorials, became what it is today. Many modern features supporting extended engine limits and modern mods such as In The Shadows and Arcane Dimensions.

AfterQuake updated!


Previous posts: Introducing AfterQuake and Details on AfterQuake usage AfterQuake package has been updated. Here’s whats new: latest FTE binary included (the first release binary had a bug – which disabled automatic updates. You should manually update from here – or just download AQ again); Merged Binary with opengl, d3d and vulkan renderer is now included. More info below; “fps” demo included. You can view which renderer is better for…