Dick’s Dreary Quake Hole

One of the secret levels from Quake for the Sega Saturn.

It’s a very special QExpo this year, following Quake’s 20th birthday. For that reason, I wanted to actually contribute something. I’ve tossed around a few project ideas, and one that I really liked was a follow-up to my reverse-engineering of Quake for the Sega Saturn.     The original write up including all of the data and particulars for Saturn Quake is here.   The idea I had here was…

Welcome to frag.machine’s QEXPO2016 corner


Hello and welcome to my QEXPO2016 booth, where we are celebrating the 20th (yay!) Quake birthday. Here I will show to you some WIP from my vaporware coop mod Realms of Quake, or simply, RoQ. Currently, it’s a mashup of RPG, FPS and bits of other cool stuff I find in other games. It’s a Darkplaces only mod (FTEQW may be supported later but right now is untested and TBH…

Introducing: AfterQuake


What is AfterQuake? AfterQuake is a complete solution for all Quake lovers out there. Single player, multiplayer, it supports everything Quake, with zero documentation. The documentation is built in on the game. It is based on FTE engine, which is being updated for as long as I can remember. It is supposed to be a joy to explore. edit: the package was updated   What is FTE? FTE is, among other…

Suicide Highway by komagame


Hi everybody, I’m working on some Quake maps and one of them is called Suicide Highway                     ..somewhat similar to Quake2 style but not intended 🙂     Also I have an horror-mod for Halflife (don’t know if it fits here) Stay tuned for updates

If you missed it… highlights from Quake 20th Birthday


If you were under a rock or busy and missed it (like me), Quake turned 20 this week with the shareware release.  Don’t worry, you can celebrate again on July 22 when the retail release turns 20.   We had a few booth previews here at Quake Expo 2016 in time for the birthday.  But there’s still plenty of time for more, so go make one!  How-to:  https://://qexpo2016.com/example-booth-preview-help-desk/   Here are 10…