Introducing: AfterQuake

What is AfterQuake?

AfterQuake is a complete solution for all Quake lovers out there. Single player, multiplayer, it supports everything Quake, with zero documentation. The documentation is built in on the game. It is based on FTE engine, which is being updated for as long as I can remember. It is supposed to be a joy to explore.

edit: the package was updated


What is FTE?

FTE is, among other things, a Quake client, compatible with both Quake and QuakeWorld protocols. It is known in the community for being a very advanced client, but not-so-friendly to start with, mainly due to the lack of documentation.

This is where AfterQuake comes in – it is supposed to show the world how advanced FTE is, providing a base to explore this fascinating client.

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FTE features

  • Quake Singleplayer, NetQuake and QuakeWorld support (all in one)
  • For nQuake/ezQuake users: most features are implemented in FTE.
  • Optional software-style rendering
  • Eye candy stuff:
    • HDR (retina) implementation
    • bump mapping
    • superior, fully editable particle system
  • Android port for your phone and tablet
  • netcode decoupled from the frame rate (cl_netfps 0 to disable, but why would you)
  • Key binding modifiers, like SHIFT-5 or CTRL-F
  • Support for TrueType Fonts
  • Copy to clipboard (click and drag text on the console with mouse 2 pressed)
  • Lists on the console the available config files, crosshairs, charsets with /list* commands
  • Stereostopic projection (playable fov 180) (excluded from competition ruleset)
  • Massive versitility
  • QuakeC debugger
  • and many, many more (…)



You’re probably wondering the need for another Quake all-in-one package. Here’s why: FTE never was included in a package such as this – and it desperately needed one. It is a complex client, with – I dare to say – more features than all other Quake clients combined. It’s meant to be explored and enjoyed. The package is not a replacement for nQuake or any other Quake “package” that specialized on multiplayer or anything out there. It’s different from all the other engines that focused on single goals. FTE does everything right. Just needs some patience and love.


It may need YOU. You can contact us on – bugs and suggestions. Here is the list of the latest revisions on FTE client. Chat on Quakenet IRC or Discord.




–> HERE <–

Extract the contents to a new folder. Its Windows only for now (other OS only need other binary to work). If you already own a registered copy of Quake, copy into id1/ folder the file pak1.pak. If you don’t own Quake,  replacement map textures are recommended.(available online).

Read this to help you getting started.

The following text is no longer valid as AfterQuake now includes a built-in Downloads menu. Read all about it at AfterQuake updated

Anyway, for a visually good experience, download the following:


Recommended addons:

Shove these files in id1/ folder:


Crowd waiting for AfterQuake release
Crowd waiting for AfterQuake release



Spike (FTE engine)

Mushi (tester and all rounder)

PurpleHaze (particle configs)

MoonDrunk (gfx consultant)



  1. Interesting. Could you please release a MacOS version? The biggest problem with the FTE project for me is that it does not support MacOS builds and I’ve been unable to build a binary. Also, the MacOS binary they supply does not work.

    1. csqc is meant to be provided by servers to clients, and this package was meant to focus on existing servers as well as existing mods (check the quake injector menu!), without creating excessive incompatibilities.
      that makes depending on csqc for things impractical (remember that its a modder’s feature rather than a user’s one).
      there’s some menuqc to make the menus usable, and some ezhud plugin that can replace the engine’s normal hud if you want your screen to be cluttered and garish that is (but can still be used with any existing csqc-using mods that don’t override the hud entirely).

      if you want docs on each modder feature, check fteextensions.qc some time, but you’ll have to create your own examples for most of it.

  2. Is there a github or similar where one can follow the development of FTE?
    Seems like an interesting engine, but the website is dead since years and there are just autobuilds with no changelog or anything…

    Looks like it could be relatively easily ported to Android VR (like Darkplaces, see QVR) but newer and with cooler features 😉

  3. That’s amazing! Some months ago I was trying to compile a FTE based pack, but got stuck (don’t remember what was the problem) and end up forgeting about it! 🙂

    I’ll give it a try in the next few days!

    Thank you!

    1. really sorry to hear about that.
      Anyway, nevermind. it’s no longer relevant, as Spike included an in-game Downloads menu and you can download stuff from there. yikes! check “updated” link.

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