Dick’s Dreary Quake Hole

It’s a very special QExpo this year, following Quake’s 20th birthday. For that reason, I wanted to actually contribute something. I’ve tossed around a few project ideas, and one that I really liked was a follow-up to my reverse-engineering of Quake for the Sega Saturn.


One of the secret levels from Quake for the Sega Saturn.
One of the Saturn-specific levels from Quake for the Sega Saturn.


The original write up including all of the data and particulars for Saturn Quake is here.


The idea I had here was to add a Quake BSP export path to Noesis and refine specs for the entity data enough to be able to provide some converted entity metadata from the Quake Saturn importer to the Quake BSP exporter in Noesis, allowing fully automated conversion of Quake Saturn maps to Quake maps. Probably nothing fancy for setting up the vis data QBSP side, although translating sector visibility to leaf visibility is a possibility with a bit of finagling.


Sadly, it’s unlikely that’s going to get done for this QExpo, as I’m in the middle of crunching on multiple projects (simultaneously!) at work, and the timing is awful. But as you may know, Noesis features a plethora of Quake-related options, and you can throw pretty much anything at it (like high-poly skeletally animated models with dozens of unique materials) and it will do voodoo magic to turn that into a Quake MDL (or MD2, or MD3, or …) by baking the vertex animations and combining textures into a single page, optionally auto-dithered to the Quake palette. I used this pipeline for my last QExpo project. So I’m hoping to at least get a new Noesis release out during this window to add some more useful Quake-related features, but we’ll see how that goes.


So, come back soon and maybe there will be some original content here. In the mean time, if you missed my QExpo 2011 project, Midgets, you should certainly have a look. It still stands as one of the most realistic miniature human breeding simulators available.