An Asset a Day!

One New Asset Every Day*

So how will this be done?  AKA, Basic Quake Modding Tutorial!

Step 1: Find the asset you want to replace.  In my case, I’m looking at mostly models.   To access the Quake .pak files use Pak Explore.  Load up Pak Explore, find your Quake/id1 directory & load up PAK0.pak, extract the PROGS folder.  Do  the same with PAK1.PAK.  Now you have all the Quake models available for viewing.


Step 2: Maybe there’s a better way, and I’m sure there is, but I use Blender 2.49b instead of newer ones.  I couldn’t find a Quake .MDL importer for that specific Blender, so I use Q2Modeler, to load up the Quake models (File – Open), then export to .MD2 to view in Blender for reference.  I keep the .MD2 in the same folder as the .MDL.

pakexplore Quake 2 Model Editor

Step 3: You need a .MDL exporter for Blender.  It took me a couple weeks to find one for my Blender, but over on OpenArena’s forum I found one!  You download the file called “” and put the scripts included in your Blender2.49/.blender/scripts folder.  Now you can export directly to .MDL!

Step 4: Import your .MD2 to in Blender

Step 5: Use that model as a base for scale in making your own.

Step 6: Export your model to the MDL format.  With that MDL exporter, you can only export one object and it must be selected.  So, your Quake models in Blender can’t be comprised of multiple objects.  If your model is animated set the current frame # in Blender to the last frame of your model.  Blender will export all the frames before and at that frame.


That’s it!


Stay tuned for some new assets!


*I’m on Vacation (or Holiday, depending on what you call it) for part of QExpo, so I might miss some updates depending on internet connection, etc.