The speed of light sucks…

Even if not started yet, I prefer to talk about this project now, while the exposition is running because it may catch some eyes.

I’m about to make a defrag mod for Q1.
Long maps, alternance between tricks and bhop parts.
It’s not meant to be hard, but to enjoy the “flow of speed” and physics.
The real challenge comes with shortcuts, and aim the perfect run (as usual).

Raisonnable ambition, it’s about 10-20 maps, with an unified visual theme inspired by “The Mirror’s Edge” franchise.

About me : I know worldcraft/hammer well, and quake based engines restrictions.
I used to play kreedz climbing on goldsrc ( under the nickname “8ball1” back in the days.
I’ve lost my interest in goldsrc, when I saw that id Tech 2 have less restrictions in speed/acceleration,
and downward/upward slope jumps (like id Tech 3).

To prove my interest and commitment, here are few of the works I’ve made in the past :
hellinashop :

kz_longjumps2 :

my latest map, surf_geo :

If you are interested in this project please send me an email, I’ll send you betas and ask for demos !
Contact :


  1. Sounds cool.
    Try to use all open assets so that it can be maybe developed further after your “sprint”.

    The PK02 texture set could be a nice start, although it is still a bit more noisy than Mirrow’s Edge: (scroll down, the TGA version should work with a modern quake engine).

    Also: have you looked into Trenchbroom for mapping:
    Should speed things up a bit compared to other more cumbersome tools 😉

  2. I agree with keeping the mod open.
    Anyone could contribute / add maps.
    Ideally, the player choose which map to start, in main/sub menu,
    but I don’t know anything about coding, and if it implies code changes in engine or not (using quakespam).

    About textures, I would go for a minimalist set, see for exemple :
    In this case, visuals depends mostly on rad settings, and fog.

    TrenchBroom seems great !
    I’m currently giving it a try.

  3. indeed sounds good.
    QuakeWorld has a “Race” mod built into KTX. But it has some issues, there’s no centralized database to keep the best times for example.
    Example here: h***s://
    Tournament: h***://
    2004 Tournament video : h***s://

    slide*.bsp maps are used.
    Questions? chat at

  4. A centralized mod for race maps would be great.
    I don’t have the ambition to port Defrag for Q1, this seems a lot of code, and I don’t have any knowledge in coding, unfortunately.
    I would go for Quakespasm, with default timecounter, and “secrets” as checkpoints, so basically solo maps, with the possibility to record demos for sharing runs.
    I plan to make maps first, then see for engines/coding issues.
    If someone with coding knowledge is willing to make such a game (mod), I would join and make maps immediately 😉

  5. Hi

    Please consider re-using the same entity marker definitions available to define race routes in KTX. (

    KTX currently has routes hard-coded in for many slide*/race* maps as well as the common dm/tdm maps, but work has been done to allow map designers to embed the routes directly into the maps, so they don’t have to wait for KTX admins to define routes. KTX as it stands should be enough to let you concentrate on the map designing.

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