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07/30/16: Closing Time!


Well, here we are, at the end of another Quake Expo, and you’re just in time for a fresh batch of Legacy Online! Sorry, I haven’t come up with a better name for it, yet.




In addition to the aforementioned tweaks, I’ve added some very preliminary dungeon code. Touch any lair to enter it, or use the cheat below. I’ve also repackaged the game to run standalone!


Download it here!


impulse 1: toggle camera mode
impulse 2-7: modify the custom camera
impulse 8: toggle experimental “night mode”, twice for torch
impulse 9: generate new island
impulse 10 (switch weapon): toggle centerprint map


impulse 16: lowers the light quality
impulse 17: draws three less screens, slight performance boost
impulse 18: warp between overworld and underworld
impulse 47: noclip and speed boost


Now let’s see if I can beat the clock and get a second mod released before I crash! Watch this space!




And here it is! AsakiCam! The ancient QC chase cam that’s light on sodium, but big on flavor! Lots of depressing abandoned test maps included! Here’s how you can make your own!


Put an info_cam in your map to customize it!
mangle – the camera angles
camdir – a vector, the offset from player to camera
camspeed – the speed it chases the player
camlock – a vector, set an axis to “1” to lock it
jump – alters the player’s jump height


Try applying these to trigger_multiple, also!


temp1 in the console controls my patented max_removable code!
Set it to a high number, and gibs/corpses/etc. won’t vanish!


impulse 16 enables shotgun shell ejecting.
impulse 17 enables seizure-inducing flicker alpha for fake water!


My own super overhauled gib and gore algorithms!
Monster corpse velocity!
Player legs move independantly of body! Almost believable!


func_fakewater code borrowed from Pox.


Sorry it’s a little rushed, I need to sleep badly.


Makes a great mod for mapping, or a base for your own mods!


Download it now!


This offer is not available in stores! Goodnight, Quake Expo! See you next time!!


07/23/16: Happy National Hot Dog Day!


Working on tweaks here and there, cleaning up some of my very messy code. Overall, FTEQW seems to be handling it much better than DarkPlaces, but I’m testing it with old integrated video, so YMMV. Among other things, I’ve tweaked the fake lighting to have a much smoother falloff, prevented NPCs from entering water, stopped towns from spawning out-of-bounds,  and rewrote them a bit to allow for sand (which everyone knows is an excellent foundation for a house).


I want to add a few more features and repack it as stand-alone before another release, but meanwhile, here’s a new screenshot:




A far cry from the first screenshot I ever took, back in 2008!




I’ve got one or two other projects that I might release next week, but I wanted to focus on this one first.


07/21/16: Happy Birthday!


To think that I half-jokingly posted that mock-up image ten years ago! Obviously I haven’t been working on this mod the entire time, but after a few setbacks, it’s nice to finally have something that’s, at the very least, an interactive concept.


At this stage, basically, the game will procedurally generate an island, with different terrain types, a few different types of vegetation, a few towns with wandering NPCs, and a couple dungeon entrances. There are no rivers yet, very few roads, no NPC interaction, no monsters or wildlife, dungeons and houses cannot be entered, real-time clock is only partially inserted, etc. etc. Very barebones, but I feel like I have the most complicated parts of the game’s foundation laid out, and everything else should be fairly simple to add into it.


lol220160710041948-00This island kind of looks like a fierce dragon! This dev preview shows which screens are ocean, plains, sand, or forest.


lol20150818121936-00Here’s a shot from earlier in development. Sometimes procedurally generated islands look like spooky cartoon ghosts!


fte-20160716060848-0And this island looks like a cow’s face!


fte-20160716114001-0The red diamonds on this cartoon wolf-shaped island map show where towns are. The @ means YOU ARE HERE! The white dots are monster lairs, but they’re not very exciting yet.



A recent shot: approaching a town with the experimental fake lighting enabled.


I don’t have a lot of free time, but I will continue to work on the game throughout the Expo.


Here’s a download!


Tested in FTEQW and DarkPlaces, might work in other engines…might not! Multiplayer has not been tested yet…it might work??


I have a real-time clock programmed, but it hasn’t been added in yet. There’s a “night time” mode that can be toggled, and it works well so far, but the fake lights are a tiny bit buggy at the moment. Also, I just added NPCs at the last moment…they kind of work?


impulse 1: toggle camera mode
impulse 2-7: modify the custom camera
impulse 8: toggle experimental “night mode”, twice for torch
impulse 9: generate new island
impulse 10 (switch weapon): toggle centerprint map


Okay, I’m going to bed now =)


07/18/16: Ten years later…
…something is stirring…


07/21/06: LOL!
From the creators who never brought you ThisMike! comes a brand new MMORPG that’s fun for the whole family! Legacy Online brings you out of your livingroom and into the battlefield with 16 stunning colors! Experience life in the dark ages as you battle to hoard the most items! Start your own shop and reap the riches! Buy a castle and rule your fair kingdom justly! Coming soon eventually to a Quake near you from Nifty™ Productions, inc!




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