Neurotic Conversions



Monday July 18th 2016 – 3.45pm CT


Less than an hour after the announcement that Ultimate Quad Capture would get yet another update, and I’m already getting footage of old-school players celebrating. Thanks for the support, fans.


Monday July 18th 2016 – 3pm CT


With just a delay of couple days, the Neurotic Conversion Booth for QExpo 2016 is finally rolling! 🙂


As for previous QExpo’s, I’ll be keeping a little diary of my work during these two weeks, updating it with screenshots and, hopefully, releases.


On the bright side, I have a couple of semi-feasible plans: 1) a release of Ultimate Quad Capture‘s latest version (1.5 with additions) and 2) a new release of the Transloquake Demo. On the not-so-bright side, I know these two weeks are going to be very busy for me, so I’m still uncertain about how much time I’ll be able to devote to modding/mapping… I’m looking at an hour or so in the evenings, so hopefully it’ll be enough.


The UQC update should be fun. Ultimate Quad Capture, released for the very first QExpo (in 2001) is 15 years old!!! Can you believe it? I can’t. New game modes have been added and the read-me is in the process of being updated as a result, making it probably the largest read-me file of Quake history. I’m also working on a last addition – a “handicaps/advantages” menu which should add a lot of depth to gameplay, particularly for those of us already familiar with UQC and wanting an extra challenge.


The Transloquake Demo will hopefully add a few new maps and, more importantly, introduce new mapping parameters of “controlled randomization.” Long story short, I’m working on ways to keep some of the Transloquake maps “fresh” by a system of randomization of map elements locations. It’s rather low-key, it’s not high maths, but it’s been proving rather effective in my tests. My current hell-inspired map project (pictured below) will make partial use of it. I’m hoping to have it included in the demo.




See you back here very soon!