More Quake Mod Highlights!

First up we have Defrag. Still a WIP and no public release yet (but you can request a beta vis his e-mail: ). The idea is to make 10 to 20 maps where you race from one of to another, with a visual theme inspired by “The Mirror’s Edge”. So because it’s not out for public viewing, no screenshots, sorry. The chatter at the forum is that it will be an open mod with anyone contributing maps.


Next up with have Q2048, a remake of the game 2048. It’s not a typical shooter style game, so be sure to check out 2048 before you try the Quake one. The goal is to make the numbers add up to 2048. Very puzzley for a Quake mod, what a concept!



Next up is Neurotic Conversions. As the title graphic says, “Mods, Maps and Info by Coot”. He’s got two mod releases for this QuakeExcp, Ultimate Quad Capture and Transloquake. UQC was originally released at the very first QuakeExpo! He’s updating the Quad out of that thing so check them out!



Finally we have frag.machine’s corner. He’s showing work from his non-vaporware mod Realms of Quake. He’s got a nice list of currently working features for this Darkplaces mod. Still no download yet but there’s several screenshots.



So here’s your rundown of four more awesome Qexpo 2016 booths!