Map Jam 7 Progress


More mappers are jumping aboard. Check it out.   Danrul is taking the blockout route:   Schnedwob’s map is heading in an intriguing, Zerstorer-like direction:   Skacky is playing around with 45 degree angles, in all their masochistic glory:   Uh, I made some pipes:

Map Jam 7 and Doom Metal.

Starting in about ninety minutes [editor:  it’s streaming “now”!] , I’m going to be laying down some brushes for my map jam 7 map. Check it out if you’re interested over at:

Map Jam 7 Announced

A day late, but here nonetheless. Map Jam 7 is happening. The announcement video: Discussion thread on func_msgboard: Check it out.

QExpo 2016 Plans (Ionic Transmissions)

Previously posted shot is from a collaboration map I’m working on with Pulsar. It will be released as part of the next Arcane Dimensions update, soonish. Other than that, I’ve got something else to reveal, but that will have to wait until Thursday.